Whether the Terrorists Were Home-grown or International the Results Remain the Same; 3 Dead and 145 Injured at the Boston Marathon

Whether the terrorists were home-grown or international the results remain the same; 3 are dead, 145 injured, many losing limbs, and the history of the 118 year old Boston Marathon is forever changed.

Shivers ran up and down my spine as I watched amateur video of the first bomb exploding on the crowd at the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon. On footage from a shaky handheld camera you could hear the deafening boom of the explosion, see the blast of thick white smoke as it quickly enveloped the crowd and hear the harrowing screams of the injured.

In the chaotic scenes that followed hundreds of bewildered and terrified participants and spectators, who were lucky enough to escape the blasts, can be seen frantically fleeing the area but what can also be seen are the dozens of volunteers, civilians, and first responders rushing to aid the injured. God bless the heroic men and women who put aside their own fears for personal safety and well being to help those who were not so lucky.

The small portable bombs planted along the marathon’s route, near the finish line, targeted the events spectators and runners. At first many of the witnesses interviewed by various news stations said “They thought an accident of some kind had occurred, until the second blast, and then they knew it was no accident.”

Yesterday’s attack has left me feeling horrified and vulnerable. The terrifying scenes in Boston could have easily played out here, in Chicago, or any other city for that matter. In fact I have always wondered why attacks like this hadn't occurred more often. There have been a few times in years past (Especially since 9/11) when I was standing in a crowd at an event like the marathon or on a busy El platform thinking about how vulnerable we really are and how easy it would be for some sick person or group of persons to leave a backpack filled with explosives against a tree or in a garbage can. I have to believe it is the grace of God and overall decency of man that has kept us safe.

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims of yesterday’s tragedy and my sincerest gratitude and admiration to the courageous first responders, God bless them all.

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