The First Day of Spring?

It may be the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox, but it sure doesn't feel like it. What is this, the winter that never ends? With a high today of 25 degrees and snow in the forecast for this weekend it sure feels like it. The Vernal Equinox, which is Latin for equal night, in the northern hemisphere is the day on which there 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of night; the sun rises at exactly due east and sets at exactly due west. So have a little faith, longer and warmer days are coming. But until they are actually here take a few minutes to think of all the amazing warm weather fun we Chicagoans have to look
forward to.

1. Longer and warmer days: THANK YOU GOD

2. Shedding a layer or 2 of clothing – saves on time, less laundry

3. Salt free cars and shoes: hasta la vista snow

4. No more static-cling hair: bye bye bad hair days

5. Baseball returns: Chicago White Sox season opener: April 1st against Kansas City Royals
Chicago Cubs season opener: April 8th against Milwaukee Brewers (Go Cubbies)

6. Turning off the heat, throwing open the windows and letting the fresh spring air in

7. Spring cleaning: as good a time as any

8. Spring Fling (Ooh la la): why not, its springtime the whole worlds in love

9. Green grass and budding trees: allergies be damned

10. Birds chirping: annoying at 5:00 am but welcome none the less

11. Ravinia: tickets available for public sale on April 25th online exclusively at

12. The first warm weekend: break out the flip flops and fire-up the grill

13. Grilling season begins: bring on those juicy burgers

14. Dining alfresco: nothing says springtime in Chicago like dining curbside at your favorite Mediterranean restaurant as the Clark street bus pulls up alongside your table

15. First official street festival: Mayfest May 17th – 19th 3100 N. Ashland at Barry

16. Being lulled to sleep by the sound of gently falling rain

17. Lake front parks come to life; kids laughing, poodles prancing, and flowers blooming

18. Walking barefoot on Oak Street beach (Or any beach)

19. People watching on Oak Street beach

20. The smell of fresh produce from the farmers market

21. The return of the Grant Park Music Festival: Jay Pritzker Pavilion, June 12th at 6:30 pm: great music that costs no more than the price of an EL fare

22. Sweet tea and mocha frappuccino (Yummy!)

23. Navy Pier: LandShark Beer Garden opening soon (All beer gardens opening soon), hope to see you there:)

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