Worrying is a Waste of Time

Worrying is no way to spend the day. Precious time and energy are wasted on it. We need to let it go and believe everything will work out. Sometimes we worry about things we cannot change this is the worst type of worry because it serves absolutely no purpose; we need to accept these things and move on. If we believe in whom we are and focus on what needs to be done all will be well.

Sometimes our fear gets the better of us and we let it take over freezing us in our tracks afraid to take the next step. But we are stronger than our fear; it does not have to control us. The only power fear has is what we give it but sometimes it’s deeply rooted and we cling to it believing that it will keep us safe when all it does is hold us back. God’s love is what keeps us safe. To break the cycle believe in him and let your fear go. There truly is nothing else in this world to fear but fear it’s self.

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