The Power of a Long Hot Shower

Wow! I feel fantastic! What is it about taking a long hot shower while rocking-out to your favorite playlist that makes you feel so good? A hot shower is definitely relaxing; the warmth of the water helps muscles relax and increases blood flow, calming body and mind. Combine that with a little singing and dancing to engage the spirit and shazam! Together they make the perfect mood elevator.

Before my shower I was stressed-out and crabby, worrying about everything from my ever increasing cable bill (Thank you RCN) to local gun violence but once I cranked up my tunes and disappeared into my steamy bathroom I was able to let go.

For 20 minutes I sang and danced, focusing only on the routine of my shower: shampooing, conditioning, exfoliating and moisturizing. I emerged from my moist bathroom feeling relaxed, refreshed, and happy. Sometimes I forget what a big difference enjoying the simple things in life can make.

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