Starbucks Junkie

I confess. I did it! Early this morning I raced to Starbucks for a venti chai tea latte. You’re probably thinking: “that’s not a crime, what’s the big deal?” For me it is a big deal. It all started when I was asked to give up coffee for health reasons (I have acid re-flux disease), and now more than 2 years later I still wake up almost every day craving a giant cup of the stuff. The cravings seem to be worse in the winter; I stumble out of bed on cold, dark, days like today and all I want is to wrap my chilly hands around a warm cup of steaming hot French roast.

When I quit I tried replacing my daily cup with a venti chai tea latte from Starbucks, which ultimately was a bad idea. While the warm, creamy, consistency and delicious taste of the chai tea latte was satisfying and I was able to let go of my coffee, it was loaded with sugar (53g). I gained 10 lbs in my gut, which I still haven’t lost, and a nasty sugar addiction. I switched to green tea to help stave off the onset of type 2 diabetes and for the sake of my growing gut. On most days I am able to let go of my cravings, and happily drink my green tea knowing it is the healthiest choice for me but…

We always want what we know we shouldn't have. I woke up today with a powerful craving and a weak will: I wanted a cup of coffee the size of my head! And when I told myself,“ absolutely no coffee,” a chai tea latte started to sound really good, after all it is the lesser of 2 evils, I told myself. Off to Starbucks I went. Now I sit before my computer feeling jittery and guilty, confessing my weaknesses.

I will not beat myself up too badly though because tomorrow is another day. And when I wake up and the cravings come I will gently remind myself why I gave up coffee and chai tea lattes. Then I will say a little prayer asking God to help me be strong and make good choices for myself and my new Buddha-belly.

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