My Inaugural Post

I am nervous. I am not sure what to write about for my inaugural Pollywog Weblog post; I want it to be just right. I wonder if it needs to be an introduction. I have never been very good with introductions but if I were to write an intro piece I would tell the reader that I am a Wisconsin native who has lived and worked in Chicago for nearly 20 years and despite all the hassles of living in a big city I am one of Chicago’s biggest fans. It is tough to choose what I love most about the city but food comes to mind immediately then art, and architecture, and the lakefront, and the music scene, and the sports teams, and….

Maybe I could just jump right in sans intro and post an honest but amusing bit about city life. I could write about standing on an EL platform in sub-zero temperatures doing the pee-pee dance to keep from freezing to death only to watch the already over-crowded oncoming train go zooming by leaving me dancing for another 8 minutes, or I could write about how excited I am over Paczki (Punch-key); a delicious fruit-filled Polish pastry served annually at bakeries around the city before the beginning of Lent (tomorrows post) or about how much fun it was to daydream about owning a luxury yacht while attending the recent Chicago Boat, Sports, and RV Show at McCormick Place.

I worry that whatever I write won’t be good enough, so I sit, frozen, starring at a blank page waiting for the perfect words to come. When they don’t come I begin to panic, my pulse races and I start to sweat. I realize how nervous I really am and how much this blog means to me. If I can just get a few words down the rest will come. I take a deep breath, put pen to paper and begin to write: “I am nervous” the first three words of my new blog, they may not be perfect but they are honest.

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