Hilary, Trump, Bernie, And The Kardashians, Oh My!

There are moments in my life when I am at my best. They are not big, grand moments but small moments that come and go so it’s hard to pick just one. I can tell you they all happen when I focus on what is real, what is happening now not what happened 10 years... Read more »

Zombie-Bitch: A Phrase I Use To Describe My Sleep-Deprived Self

Over the years I have gotten used to interrupted sleep: waking around 3 or 4 am. Most nights I am able to rollover and fall back asleep, but some nights I cannot. If there are too many nights in a row when the “rollover” doesn’t work: Zombie–bitch appears. Nights when I fail to fall back... Read more »

What Dreams May Come

Last night I had the craziest dream or… dreams, I think it was more than one, bits and pieces are still coming to me, but what I remember most is being surrounded by lots and lots of green food, enough to fill a room. Before I went to bed I was thinking that I need... Read more »

Anders Holm Delivers UW-Madison Commencement Address and Offers Tips to Grads

Anders Holm, best known for his comedic genius on comedy central’s “Workaholics” and Fox’s “The Mindy Project “ (love that show), seemed to be the perfect choice to give the commencement address at UW-Madison’s graduation ceremonies last weekend. Chosen by the graduating students, my 22 year-old niece among them, the badger alum spoke at all... Read more »

Life Lessons

Life lessons are often hard and hit when we least expect them to. The only thing that can prepare us for them and help us muddle through is our faith in God and in ourselves. Let your life lessons come, learn from them and then keep moving forward. Be brave and bold. Never worry about... Read more »

It's Time To Let In the Light

One of the very first things I do when I wake-up each morning is stumble into my living room and draw-up the blinds. Instantly all the dark corners of my apartment fill with light. Bathed in the crisp morning rays I feel revived. I shake off my groggy haze and start my day with a... Read more »

Whether the Terrorists Were Home-grown or International the Results Remain the Same; 3 Dead and 145 Injured at the Boston Marathon

Whether the terrorists were home-grown or international the results remain the same; 3 are dead, 145 injured, many losing limbs, and the history of the 118 year old Boston Marathon is forever changed. Shivers ran up and down my spine as I watched amateur video of the first bomb exploding on the crowd at the... Read more »

The First Day of Spring?

It may be the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. What is this, the winter that never ends? With a high today of 25 degrees and snow in the forecast for this weekend it sure feels like it. The Vernal Equinox, which is Latin for equal night,... Read more »

The Test

A few days ago I was tested and failed. It all started when I went to the neighborhood grocery store to mail a bill that was due the next day. The mail box outside the stores main entrance gets picked up at 5:00 pm, it was 4:52 pm but since I live only a few... Read more »

The Power of a Long Hot Shower

Wow! I feel fantastic! What is it about taking a long hot shower while rocking-out to your favorite playlist that makes you feel so good? A hot shower is definitely relaxing; the warmth of the water helps muscles relax and increases blood flow, calming body and mind. Combine that with a little singing and dancing... Read more »