Six things you can do to make America Great Again that does not include Donald Trump

Six things you can do to make America Great Again that does not include Donald Trump
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“Bob, are you alive?” a reader emailed me yesterday. I’ve been absent for the past fourteen tumultuous days. That is on purpose. We all need a break from the constant stream of crazy fed to us by the mosh pit of Washington on a daily basis. If we do not take breaks, then we become part of the craziness.

What a fourteen days it has been. Some people are jubilant that a close associate of the President stands convicted of crimes, while Trump’s lawyer took a guilty plea. In the land of tea-leaf readers, Trump is next, it must be.

I do not share their views. I will not guess what Robert Mueller will do. He is the best poker-face I have seen in a long time. Maybe he does have something on Trump, and perhaps he doesn’t. One thing is clear: it will all happen on Mueller time and not on the clock of partisans.

Donald Trump is fueling matters and giving the appearance of guilt with his tweets, rallies, and interviews. He gave an interview with Fox and sounded a dire warning that impeaching him would cause the stock market to crash, and according to Trump,“Everybody would be very poor.”

There is little reality-based political debate in America

Really? Donald Trump is the President and not God. Maybe in his mind, he is irreplaceable, but that must be a fantasy he harbors, and it is not reality. The stock market may back off from their historic high prices, but that is inevitable. Ups and downs, booms and busts, are the nature of Wall Street. Earnings cannot support these nosebleed prices. Trump knows this as well as anyone. His dire words are fear mongering to excite his base.

Donald Trump is mostly ignorant about Washington politics, legislation, and Congress. His lack of knowledge is in every tweet, and his desperation only harms him further. He also has the bloated, yet common New York view that the stock market is the economy. It is not even an always accurate reflection of the economy. It is one more component of the economy, albeit an important one.

In the political reality in the world of social media, most of the opposition in the social media world have scant knowledge about economics and politics but have blind partisanship down to a tee. In some sense, we have the blind fighting the blind. I know well-meaning people who know in their heart that the GOP will awaken from its coma, and vote for impeachment.

It is not going to happen. In the world of Washington politics, impeachment is the ultimate party failure. Whether it is the Republicans or the Democrats, the parties will proclaim the innocence of the person they managed to elect to the highest office in the land. There may be a couple of defections in the Senate due to political considerations back home, or personal grudges, but don't expect any sudden familiarity with conscience or patriotism from the U.S. Senate.

To sell Make America Great Again, Trump and his minions had to tear the nation to pieces to convince the masses they, and they alone have the keys to restore that which is not missing.

America is great, has always been great, and will continue to be great despite our Government.

Washington, DC does not define American greatness. You and I do, the citizens of the Nation. There are things all of us can do to make America Greater, and we can do them right now.

Reach out to others in need. Many of us waste many hours a day on social media fueling our anger, and it serves no purpose whatsoever other than to further the divisions in our nation. Our communities are starving for attention. I belong to a Facebook Group focusing on my hometown, Kankakee, Illinois.

That group of magnificent people feed the hungry, care for the sick, get school supplies for kids in need, and despite its rust belt woes, there is a community that has a purpose other than thinking about the good old days. Helping others is their balm for community angst, and a strong foundation to move the community forward. Such a group is easy to start, easy to maintain, and makes a positive impact on local lives.

Tone down the partisan hate. Because of someone exercising their constitutional right to hold an opinion different than yours does not make them an idiot, or a fool, or a traitor, it makes them your fellow American with a different opinion than yours.

Stow the rhetoric that all Republicans are racists, if they support Trump they are in league with the KKK, and on the other side, cease calling Democrats communists and snowflakes. All you do with that rhetoric is show your ignorance, and further divide the nation.

Stop using the word principles as a shield for hate. That is perhaps one of the greatest disservices the political parties have done to the nation is to corrupt the notion of having principles. When one is doctrinaire, which means seeking to impose a doctrine in all circumstances without concern for practical considerations, you just crossed the threshold into bigotry.

Get rid of the stereotypes; they’re wrong. I had a man tell me he hated me because I am a Jew. According to him, Jews control the media, the banking, and the entertainment industry. We are rich, greedy and were Jesus killers.

The left has their stereotypes and conspiracies too. Walk up to a Bernie supporter sometime and whisper the words Monsanto, or Exxon, and stand back.

Look for areas we can agree upon instead of harping on our differences. I have a friend, Jim Ridings, who is an investigative reporter and author. When it comes to national politics, we are as different as two individuals can be. He is one of the most conservative people I know. When it comes to local issues, we are joined and work for a better community together. We got there by talking to one another, and looking for common areas where we can work together.

Forget political ideology, and take parties with a grain of salt. The Republicans do not exist to serve the rich, and business. The Democrats do not exist to protect the poor and downtrodden. The two parties live for one reason only: to get you to vote for them and not think. I worked in Government for decades. Ideology shaped our press releases and never our legislation. It serves no purpose except to control the masses.

On a housekeeping point, I have received many emails over the past three weeks asking if I am OK. Yes, I am fine. I’ve written a book, and that has taken much time. I’m starting a news service, which also is chewing up time.

I love Chicago Now, I love my colleagues, and I adore the Chicago Tribune who started Chicago Now. I will continue to write for CN but will be writing elsewhere too. It won’t be for a competitor of CN, it is for a complimentary journal, and I hope to promote my CN colleagues there with links to their excellent articles. Chicago Now has some of the most outstanding writers in the nation. Be sure to check them out.

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