What good is a photo-op summit?

What good is a photo-op summit?
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While American slept, Donald Trump filmed a new episode of The Apprentice, oops, I mean held a historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Reports from the meeting of the two dictators, oops, I mean leaders, are a bit thin on details. We do know what they ate though, the press had a lot to say about the meal.

In typical Trumpian fashion, using the same voice inflection and disregard for facts that he used when he proclaimed his inauguration attendance as the biggest crowd ever in Washington, Trump said the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula would happen very quickly. At this point, Mr. Kim must have been distracted because he did not underscore Mr. Trump’s statements about getting rid of the nukes.

Now that I think about it further, Mr. Kim’s sole experience with Americans is interactions with former Chicago Bulls basketball star Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump. Those are the men who made an impression on Mr. Kim about America. That being the case, why would he agree to give up nukes if he thinks those men represent America’s best? Kim must think Americans are stark raving fools if we chose Trump for the job.

The Korean dictator has no experience with our electoral system, and I am sure that Trump did not bother to tell Kim that one can lose the election by nearly three million votes, and still win thanks to the Electoral College. That is the kind of democracy a despot like Kim can warm up to quickly. If we would call the electoral college our politburo, I am sure the communists would understand us better.

Just like a course offered by Trump University, details are sketchy. After eating, there were a series of vague statements, Mr. Kim said, “We decided to leave the past behind,” whatever that means. Maybe it is a reference to 70 years of hostility with the USA? Alternatively, it could be a reference that he forgives Trump for threatening to nuke him awhile back. We do not know what was on the mind of Kim when he spoke the words.

Trump’s statements were also vague, with no substance to them. We are used to that kind of Presidential rhetoric. If Donald Trump is forced to think beyond a statement longer than 280 characters, he flounders quickly.

The President said that talks would begin quickly and at the highest levels. This statement can only mean that Kim is about to get a Twitter account and learn English. It is my steadfast hope that Mr. Kim will loan his English teachers to Mr. Trump, who needs much help in that department.

The message of the G-7 for North Korea

From an American perspective, the only value of the Trump/Kim handshake is it was the excuse for Donald Trump to exit the uncomfortable G-7 meeting in Canada. The President freezes when he gets near high-minded and intelligent people who understand international trade, diplomacy, governing, and the world. Those are all topics foreign to the low-minded Donald Trump.

The message of the G-7 for Kim is not to trust friendship with the USA with Trump at the helm. Loyalty, except to Donald Trump, is not a concept the President understands. His uncomfortable body language and mannerisms as he stepped on America’s longest and most loyal friends, nations so close that we have shed blood for one another carries a significance for all countries of the world. America’s enemies are safe; our friends are not secure in the Donald Trump era.

Donald Trump attacks our friends and embraces our enemies. The erratic behavior by the President is no laughing matter. Trump has formed a government to serve the ignorant. That does not work in a complicated and dangerous world. His stunts to pander to people with a worldview that does not extend beyond their livingrooms carry real dangers.

I suppose when American jobs start being lost by his isolationism, and hostility to our friends, and America is cut adrift in the world, decaying into a second-rate power he will blame the foreigners.

The protectionism practiced by Donald Trump and company is testimony that conservatism is dead in the Republican Party, and now embraces protectionism and the isolationism of ultra-Nationalism. Perhaps Kim, Putin, and Trump can form an alliance and give it a catchy name, such as “The Axis.” The term has a historical significance whose history has more in common with today’s American reality than the term “allied nations.”

Donald Trump’s intellectually challenged support base is rallying behind their Blessed Leader. Lacking the same substance as Trump, they are accusing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of wearing fake eyebrows. The charge comes because of a video lighting anomaly, as Snopes and other fact-checking organizations report.

Facts mean nothing to Trump supporters, or they would not be supporting him. Rather than focusing on the words and ideas he presented in the press conference, these shallow Hals and Sals are concentrating on a shadow. It is a great metaphor describing the challenges America faces today by pandering to ignorance.

Donald Trump is dangerous for America, perilous for the world, and is a clear, and present danger to liberty.

The good news of this photo-op meeting is the realization that Kim has a different worldview than his father and his grandfather. We should be happy about that. Kim is opening the door so that once we have a competent President, real change can come to North Korea.
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