Trump screwed himself by being cruel to children

Trump screwed himself by being cruel to children
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It’s an old trick in politics. In forty years in politics, nearly thirty of them in Washington, DC, I cannot count the number of times I played the blame-the-other-side-for-our-own-mistakes card. It is like breathing out and breathing in and used when one finds themselves in undefendable predicaments.

Politicians play it vigorously when they have what we call in Washington “screwed-the-pooch.” I am not sure how the term came into being, and who coined it, but getting caught having, uh, Congress shall we say, with a dog is a perfect description for the humiliation one feels when they have screwed up as badly as one can.

Make no mistake about it, separating children from their parents, putting kids in camps, ordering those who work in these camps not to hold, or comfort the child, is just about the worst thing any government can get caught doing.

Photos are surfacing of crying babies put into cages; pictures of a child clinging her father’s ankles as he stands in handcuffs. These are the kinds of images that made the movie Sophie’s Choice, such a disturbing film that I only saw it once, and will never look at it again. Being cruel to children is as low as one can stoop.

Donald Trump hides behind the Nuremberg Defense

Trump’s excuse? Obama did it, and the law made him do it. His statement is rubbish on two counts.

The first count, whether Obama did or did not separate kids from their parents and put them in camps is not material. What counts is who is doing it now and who is defending the practice? I seriously doubt there is any law that mandates innocent children who have done nothing wrong, have not been through due process, and have not been charged with any crime be incarcerated in camps. Let’s not try to quibble over the name of the facility they are in; they are being held in a strange place, and against their will.

The second count. Children are being detained without due process, and treated in an inhumane manner without any charges brought no appearances before a Judge or Federal Magistrate, and their fate mostly unknown at this time. Imprisoning someone without due process is suddenly constitutional behavior in the United States?  That is what is going on and calling it anything else is semantic games. The President is not under an obligation to act unconstitutionally.

It was just four short years ago that conservative legal scholars were adamant that the President has broad powers not to enforce laws that in his judgment are unconstitutional. The conservatives thought Barack Obama was behaving unconstitutionally and were quite forceful in their arguments.

All of that is forgotten, now. It is amazing how when one’s party takes over the Presidency, one suddenly can't remember their passionate arguments. In that mental asylum called Washington, DC, hypocrisy is noble among the inmates.

You may read more about the President’s non-enforcement powers by clicking here.

In my view, Donald Trump and his heartless Administration are monsters that remind me that people like the folks in Germany in the 1930s still exist. They are trying to fall back on the same defense Nazis used at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials: “I am just following the law.” It was not a valid defense in 1945, and it is not one now.

Two-thirds of the country is appalled by the policy.

Is ripping a child from their parent’s grasp and putting them in a camp cruel and inhumane? I certainly think so, and I am not alone in feeling that way; polls on the topic show two-thirds of America do not support this action. Anyone with a modicum of human decency or empathy agrees that forcibly separating a child from its parents and putting the child in an internment center with no comfort is beyond cruel.

Before we start painting “Republicans” with the broad brush, many in the GOP are horrified at this policy. Laura Bush certainly agrees with the decent people on this issue. She issued a statement two-days ago condemning the atrocity in no uncertain terms. You can read her scathing words here.

It appears that only the heartless support President Trump in his zero-tolerance policy which led to this humiliation for America. America used to be the leader of human rights, and now we have a leader who is in love with dictators and despots, and this policy clearly shows he is carrying his envy too far.

In one of her usual vulgar statements,  Ann Coulter maintains they are child actors. She is the same person who ridiculed the survivors of a Florida school shooting. She is a cheerleader for the mentally ill who see conspiracies around every corner, and who try to give cover to a man who sanctifies child abuse with the U.S. Code when he has the Presidential right not to enforce any law he feels is unconstitutional.

Please, do not think for a moment he is not familiar with Presidential non-Enforcement. He knows it well and is practicing it by not issuing new sanctions on Russia despite Congress having passed the law to re-sanction Russia in the wake of their election hacking. “It just doesn’t make sense [to impose sanctions]” he said when the bill passed.

Well, guess what, Mr. Trump, it makes even less sense to put children into camps without due process and without charging them with a crime.

Isolated by anyone with a shred decency and in a panic, Donald Trump is running to his base. Tonight is heading to a 90% white, lower educated Congressional District in Duluth, MN to hold a rally. Those who cheer Trump are a reminder of what kind of people make up the Trump base. Anyone who sanctions, and rallies behind a man who is cruel to children is detestable, and while it is impolitic for a candidate like Hillary Clinton to say it, I will shout it from the rooftops.

Trump and his Administration have once again humiliated America. He is not making America great again. Trump is making America an international pariah.

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