Sarah Huckabee Sanders petty and vindictive moment

Sarah Huckabee Sanders petty and vindictive moment
Screenshot from a White House video

Lexington, Virginia is a beautiful small town two-hundred miles from Washington, DC. The home of Washington and Lee University, this community of 7,042 is the final resting place of General Robert E. Lee.

The town is in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a favorite escape for Washingtonians on weekends in the summer. Nestled in the village is a small restaurant called the Red Hen. In a County that overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump, Lexington just as overwhelmingly voted against him.

When his official spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders pulled into town with friends, they had no clue they were in unfriendly territory. The GOP arrogantly believes that they own every white voter in the South and that Dixie is one-hundred percent owned by the Republican Party.

They do not own Lexington, Virginia as Mrs. Sanders was about to find out.

As the Washington Post reports, the staff at the Red Hen called the owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, at home to let her know that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was in the restaurant. The staff did not refuse Mrs. Sanders service outright, rather sought guidance on what to do from the owner.

According to the Post article, Ms. Wilkinson came to the restaurant and asked her to leave. She did so because her staff asked her to request that the Huckabee party go. If a baker can refuse to provide a gay couple a wedding cake, a restaurant owner can refuse to serve someone who is anti-gay.

Sarah seeks her revenge

insert1One hallmark of the Trump Administration is they seem never to miss an opportunity for drama and false victimhood. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of a Baptist Minister who supposedly is this fine Christian Woman was not about to turn the other cheek as Jesus tells followers to do. Christians today appear not to do much that Jesus instructs in the Christian Bible.

No, there would be no humble enduring the slight. Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants revenge, and she is using the power of the White House to try and hurt this small business.

How many of us have complained about a business from our private social media accounts? A lot of us have. Sarah did not go to her private account, oh no, she wants to make this more effective and bring a small businesswoman to her knees. She is trying to bully a woman running a small business. That is the Trump way.

She used her official press secretary account. An account that is supposed to carry Presidential messages to the world, to talk about complex policy, and to explain White House positions on issues.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders used government property to grind a personal ax.

This sort of personal slight goes with the job

I served three Presidents, two Republicans, and one Democrat. I have been cursed at, spit on, and in one instance attacked and landed in a hospital with a fractured skull. That last instance was overseas, in Minsk, Belarus while I was on official business. The other incidents happened in America. Abuse because of whom one works for goes with the turf, and nobody has been whiny and petty enough to make it an issue until now. We shake it off and go on in more honorable Administrations.

Once again, like the First Lady’s raincoat, this is not about the slight, rather a diversion to try and wrap the White House and its employees in the cloak of victimhood, while they work on policies that make real victims out of the poor and the elderly.

insert2It’s another show to try and cover their incompetence, greed, and lies. It works with their trolls, just with no one else. On the Huckabee thread, I posted the reply to Mrs. Sanders you see on the right.

It has been very heavily read and has drawn a lot of comments and likes.  I put the post up around 11 PM Eastern Time. Most of the nation were winding down their evenings when the message posted. I awoke to hundreds of replies, thousands of likes, and well over half a million views. Twitter gives the capability to track what time of day your most popular posts occur. As it turns out, this posting had its most extensive looks between 4 AM and 6 AM Eastern time. Said another way, between noon and 2 PM Moscow time.

It appears the Russians are still with us.

Dasvadanya, baby.

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