How nice that the USA rolls out the red carpet for the number one supporter of terrorism in the world.

How nice that the USA rolls out the red carpet for the number one supporter of terrorism in the world.
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Here is a pop quiz: some of you may remember two airplanes slamming into the World Trade Center, one hit the Pentagon, and a fourth crashing in the countryside in rural Pennsylvania, on September 11, 2001. Here is the question: who were the 9/11 hijackers that attacked America and killed thousands of innocent people?

I am sure many are sitting there looking at these words, and saying, “Why Bob, they were Muslims.” Well, yes, but if I were to ask, “Who orchestrated the Holocaust?” Would you answer, “Catholics and Lutherans?”

That would be the correct answer, but the right answer is the Germans. The correct answer in who is behind the attacks on 9/11 are the Saudis, including Saudi elites.

Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is the fountainhead of terrorism in the World. They are the world’s largest supporters of terrorism. Donald Trump and the US Government are busy tongue-kissing the Saudi Crown Prince at the White House.

When we incorrectly think all Muslims are terrorists, we are confusing the majority of Muslims in the world with Saudi Wahhabism. Named for an 18th Century preacher and extremist, the extreme fundamentalists have an enduring relationship with the House of Saud. Think of them like Saudi’s answer to the evangelicals that comprise a significant part of the Trump political base. The idea is not far-fetched.

Saudi Wahhabism has given us folks like Ossama bin Laden, the hijackers, the 9/11 bombers, those who attacked the USS Cole, and our favorite new group, ISIS. It takes religion to get people to kill themselves for a cause, and they have faith running out of their ears. They, like the evangelicals in America, think you need to believe their religion. If you do not believe as the Wahhistism demands, then you are fair game for killing. It is not just Islam they want you to embrace. They want you to be a Sunni Muslim. If you are a Shi’ite then like the Christians, Jews, and anyone else who is not Sunni and extremist, you are fair game to be butchered.

In our war against terror, we roll out the red carpet for the most significant supporters of terrorism in the world, instead of bombing them back into the dark ages, which would not be that far back for that nation.

Mohammad bin Salam, the Crown Prince and Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in Washington. I suspect his visit is in part to make sure there is a new lapdog in place at the State Department, now that Saudi Arabia’s pet, Rex Tillerson, has been fired.

After all, the number one supporter of terrorism in the world, and the home nation for the 9/11 hijackers, as well as the birthplace of Al Qaeda, of course, must share American values, right? If you are one of the growing numbers of people in the world who think that killing civilians is an American value, then you can see the attraction between America and Saudi Arabia. I believe it is not an American value.

Saudi Arabia leads a nine-nation coalition that is killing people in Yemen. Hostilities began in 2015. Human Rights Watch, an organization that keeps count of these things, put the number of civilians killed at 5,295 men, women, and children to date, with another 8,000 or so severely injured.

Jets sold to Saudi Arabia by America are used to bomb civilian targets, including apartment buildings. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) list the Jets and bombing runs as the primary cause of deaths and injuries.

The Foreign Policy Organs of the USA are excellent when it comes to double-speak. They are quick to point out that while Saudi Arabia has “challenges,” a huge understatement, they are a “good partner” in fighting the extremists that threaten us all.

I have a hard time getting my mind around a good partner in the war on terror that also spends billions and billions of dollars promoting Wahhabism which is the inspiration for all Sunni global terrorism.

The Crown Prince has publicly stated he plans on eliminating all terrorism. Then why are billions still being spent by the Kingdom to promote Wahhabism in places like Pakistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Indonesia?

The words of the Crown Prince and his empty promises are part of a big scam on the West, and Donald Trump is buying into it. To be fair, every Administration since the Arab Oil Embargo in the 1970s has bought off on the Saudi lie. We did so because we need oil to run a modern economy. I get that.

Donald Trump tells us that we now are the largest producer of oil in the World. In fact, we are now an oil exporting nation. So, why are we still partaking in the Saudi scam?

Iran is why. Americans just cannot seem to get past the Iranian Revolution, the American Hostages the Iranians took at the time, and their hate America rhetoric.

I look back at the past twenty years, and I do not see Iranian terrorists flying airplanes into American skyscrapers. They do fund terror in Gaza, but Saudi Arabia supports terrorists fighting Israel too. It is hypocritical of the USA to give a pass to Saudi financed terrorists fighting Israel while holding Iran accountable for the same behavior.

We are at the point in the article where the Iran haters will pipe up and talk about Iran’s nuclear program. Yes, Iran does have a nuclear program, and President Obama created a system for us to come into Iran and check to see if the plan is for building weapons or energy production.

Have the Iranians been sharing technology with the North Koreans? I do not dispute that claim. What nation is helping Iran more than any other? It appears to be Donald Trump’s good pal, Vladimir Putin.  We are not hearing too much about that when it is time for the GOP to pull out its righteous indignation against Iran.

Iran is not good guys. Neither is Saudi Arabia. In the contest among nations for Ronald Reagan’s Axis of Evil, should be won by Saudi Arabia, with a special mention for Iran an North Korea, and we are laying down with them.

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