Are GOP voters happy with the new direction of the GOP? Look to Pennsylvania’s special election for a hint

Are GOP voters happy with the new direction of the GOP? Look to Pennsylvania’s special election for a hint
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There is an ancient Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times.” The curse is America’s to claim. There is an underlying tension in American politics that I have not seen since the uncertain days at the end of Richard Nixon’s presidency.

In a sense, things were surer in 1974. There was a process the Congress was holding hearings on a bill of impeachment. What had once been a partisan inquiry about a third-rate burglary blossomed into a cover-up by the President and his men.

Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District may not exist in eight months. The State Legislature so gerrymandered the districts to tip the outcomes of elections that the Supreme Court of the United States ordered the State to redraw the maps and this time without shenanigans.

The 18th was created to guarantee a GOP win even if the GOP ran a felon against Jesus Christ. The special election was supposed to be a slam-dunk for the Republicans. The GOP ran a Trump stalwart against what some thought would be a token candidate.

Millions poured into the campaign. Donald Trump came to town to support Rick Saccone, a state legislator and much like Trump with the whacky statements. Saccone and Trump wrapped themselves around one another.

As we have seen in recent years, the GOP tried to claim a special relationship with God thereby attempting to be the New Chosen People. Saccone even went so far as to say that Democrats hate God. I guess no passage in Rick Saccone’s Bible, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

In this reddest of red engineered for a GOP sure win Congressional District, Democrat Connor Lamb clings to a narrow lead with 100% of precincts reporting. The close outcome of this election has sent a shockwave through the GOP.

Pundits are pointing their fingers at Donald Trump, and that is somewhat legitimate. The two major political parties have scapegoating down to a science. The cries from the learned political-observer-class are that “Trump is not getting away with it.” I am not sure what “it” means, but I am sure this election paints a gloomy picture for Republicans.

It also paints a gloomy picture for Nancy Pelosi.

While the GOP is hard at work throwing Donald Trump under the train for Pennsylvania 18, the Democratic Party is laying down tire-tracks on Former Speaker, and now Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.

Connor Lamb is representative of the new kind of candidates the Democrats are busy recruiting. Mr. Lamb is a former Marine and is a crime-fighting prosecutor. He is an apple-pie-eating, flag-waving cut from whole-cloth that used to be the GOP model for Congressional candidates. The GOP in this solid GOP district responded to the clean-cut marine, and large numbers of voters rejected the kooky Mr. Saccone.

Mr. Lamb promised his voters he would not support Congressman Pelosi for Speaker. Nancy Pelosi is immensely unpopular with conservative and moderate voters. Many liberal voters have asked why she is even in leadership after having lost the House to the GOP in 2010? That is a legitimate question.

It is apparent that tossing Ms. Pelosi out is fashionable with voters. She is very liberal and viewed as doctrinaire. Voters seem to want bipartisanship and not strict adherence to narrow ideology.

Donald Trump is not the cause of the loss in the Pennsylvania special election. The GOP and its embracing of blind nationalism, and casting aside traditional conservative values is driving away voters. The GOP attempt at converting America into a Christian Theocracy is not working. Whether the GOP likes to admit it or not, the average person in America celebrates our national diversity as part of the strength of America. In short, the GOP is threatening our freedom with their agenda, and voters are speaking back.

The GOP needs to take a hard look at what they have let into the party power structure over the past fifty years. The Party needs to lose control of Government, and regroup. Removing evangelicals and the libertarian oligarchs are vital to reclaiming the trust of the voters.

Both parties need a complete overhaul. We have forgotten we are Americans first, and members of a political party second. We need to recapture our spirit as a nation.

I am pleased to see the status quo rejected by both parties in Pennsylvania. It restores my confidence in America.

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