Another school shooting, let’s be sure to do nothing again

Another school shooting, let’s be sure to do nothing again
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America is killing itself. I mean that quite literally, America is killing itself in the streets, at concerts, in churches, and in schools. Just this morning, another school shooting, this one in Maryland.

As I write these words, there are no reports of fatalities, but that does not lessen the angst of those who care if our children and grandchildren have a safe place to learn. School is supposed to be a place where young minds are prepared to meet the challenges of the future and not a place to have their young lives snuffed out by a shooter.

The GOP and President Trump have been washing their dirty laundry in public for the past 14 months, but seem not to be able to clean the bloodstains of the innocents from their clothing. Those stains are put there by their prostitution to the National Rifle Association. Prostitution is doing the deed for money with no principle in play other than cold hard cash.

It is a lot of cash, too. The award-winning fact-checking site Politifact looked into NRA spending from 1998 through 2017. NRA apologists try to say the NRA has only spent a paltry 3 million or so on lobbying in that period. A closer look reveals another story.

Politifact added up all the NRA expenditures including the activities by their affiliates and outside activities that are not registerable events under current lobbying laws. The figure is a whopping 203.2 million dollars from 1998, until 2017, spent to keep arms in the hands of those killers who murder our children, concert goers, nightclub patrons, and theater patrons.

The reputation of the GOP due to this issue alone, could not be lower even if Satan Himself stepped forward at the next GOP convention and delivered the keynote address. I have often thought that if Satan were an American, he would be a Republican. Despite all the phony praising of Jesus done by the evangelical Republicans, they sure readily embrace evil. They are wrapping our children in the blood-soaked flag with a perverted view of the US Constitution on the issue of guns is proof of that.

They say gun ownership is a right articulated in the US Constitution. That is correct, and that is the end of the truth in their argument. What could enjoy more constitutional protection than a man and a woman getting married? If that is not freedom of speech, I do not know what is.  If I go to Florida with my honey and head to the County Clerk’s office to get married, do you think I get that marriage license on demand? Oh please, I pay my license fee, I then must wait three days to get married. In Florida, the sacrament of marriage is less sacred than buying an assault rifle.

You know, if Satan is a Republican, I do not think much about his choice of political company, but it sure does explain a lot of GOP policy over the past few decades. The GOP is so corrupt and debauched, how does anyone with any decency justify continuing to support their total lack of morality?

Oh, I know, abortion mumbo-jumbo. Abortion is the number one tool of public manipulation in America, but guns and the right for crazy people to have one and shoot innocent people is giving it a run for its money in GOP-Land.

I am sure the GOP is cranking up the thoughts and prayers machine, while Republican politicians are secretly saying, “Oh goodie, time for a fundraiser,” to their staffs.

About the thoughts and prayers. The people who send thoughts and prayers are sincere in their supplications. They are well-meaning people, who absent a willingness to do anything about the problem, want to turn it over to God to take care of it for them. Lots of people in the Holocaust did the same thing. They prayed, turned it over to God to fix, and when they were sent to the showers and died I am sure they asked God how come He did not make it all go away.

I have a newsflash for my religious friends who are deeply sincere and most earnestly praying for a solution. You must put feet to your prayers. All the sincerity in the world is not going to stop the killing. God gave us brains, use them, and use your voices to demand the Government take some action.

What can the government do? As it turns out, they can do quite a bit. If I developed epilepsy, the doctor would send a note to the DMV saying, hey, do not let this guy drive a car. It is dangerous. He could have a seizure from the lights of an oncoming vehicle and kill someone.

If someone is mentally ill, why are they allowed to have guns? Oh, because the Constitution says they can have them? Oh please, no right is absolute. Walk into an airport and say, “I have a bomb,” and see how far that Constitutional guarantee to freedom of speech takes you. There are limits, and there should be more of limits on guns.

That would require gun owners to get licenses. The State of Illinois and the Firearms Owner Identification Card breached that hurdle fifty years ago. There is no reason in the world gun owners should not be licensed for the public good. The only reason they are not is the gross amount of money the NRA spends on politics and the prostitution of the GOP.

We are shooting ourselves like a bunch of savages, and the gun crowd is entirely missing the point about what gun control is and is not. Gun control only takes away the guns from those who are found to be unstable risks or criminals. That is it. If you are not in those two groups, you are home free.

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