Why are Democrats trying to make a deal with Donald Trump?

Why are Democrats trying to make a deal with Donald Trump?
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Does crazy rub off?

Negotiations on yet another catch-all bill to fund the Government are in full swing in Washington. For this measure, the GOP needs Democratic votes. A simple majority is not enough.

At stake is whether the government will have to shut down. Brinkmanship has replaced cogent debate in our national affairs. The days of deliberation to come up with the best deal possible are now historical footnotes and no longer something we do. It is too bad. Spirited debate and listening to the other side and compromising for the greater good gave us good policy.

We no longer have meaningful debates. We no longer contemplate issues. We have a series of interlocking three-ring-circuses with everyone trying to be the ringmaster, and instead are the clowns.

The Democrats have something they want in exchange for their support. They want immigration reform and a renewal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA for short. The Washington Post reports today about a man deported from the USA who lived Michigan, after living 30 years in the USA.

I wrote a story last month of a man who has been in the USA since he was seventeen, deported to his native Honduras. He leaves behind a pregnant US Citizen wife and three US Citizen children with a fourth child on the way. You can read my story by clicking here.

America has always been a beacon of hope for the oppressed, the hungry, and those who want to live free. That seems lost on Donald Trump. Is the idea of helping those escaping tyranny and want to start a new life in freedom grasped by the 45th President? For that matter, does he know what he believes, or is he credulous of anything other than his own megalomania?

Donald Trump is a racist. His Tweet that he is the least racist person alive notwithstanding, his vile comments in negotiations with Democrats tells another story. His own Secretary of Homeland Security who was in the meeting will not deny the racist rant of last week. Ironically, Hitler made the same claim of not being racist.

One of the problems with narcissists and why I abhor them is their inability to take credit for their bad behavior. Donald Trump came out and lied to the American Public and tried to tell the world he did not make the vile remarks. There are too many reports and too many Tweets and statements of support for white supremacists for the denial to have any credibility.

Sorry, President Trump, too many people heard them, and the reports are consistent.

That raises the question, why are the Democrats bothering to make a deal with Trump? President Trump lies constantly. He denigrates Democratic voters. In fact, he disparages the GOP, too.

In a year, he has not made a single deal that stuck, or that was successful. His history shows he is not to be trusted and unstable. One day, he is speaking in glowing terms about immigration and compassion, and in the next minute, vile and profane rants against immigrants.

How does one make a deal with that level of mental illness?

Instead, make a deal with the GOP in the House and Senate and bypass Trump altogether. If an agreement passes with a veto-proof margin all he can do is sign the legislation. If he does not approve, then override his veto. Donald Trump is trying to make the Presidency irrelevant, why not speed up the process?

By doing what the Founding Fathers built into the system, compromise on a wide-reaching agreement, the unstable Mr. Trump is out of the equation. Taking control of the debate will require much political courage. Ideology will have to be set aside for the good of the Nation. Are Members of Congress courageous enough to put the Nation ahead of the party?

There is another reason not to deal with Donald Trump.

I grew up in a town where a significant employer was a large State Hospital for the mentally ill. As a teenager, I had a crush on the daughter of the Chief of Psychiatry at the institution.

They lived on the hospital grounds, and I would drive to their residence and visit. I met the parents of the girl, and they were fascinating. They had run the Underground in Warsaw during World War II. As eyewitnesses to history, I spent hours talking with them.

The Father was a bit odd. In the evenings, he would have conversations with the family cat. I do not mean the “here, kitty, kitty, Daddy loves you,” kind of discussions. These were long conversations about the events of the day. The good Doctor took the cat-interviews quite seriously. He would look intently at the cat and talk, and talk.

One day, I asked the young lady, what’s up with your Dad and the cats? She was a pretty girl with deep blue eyes. She looked at me and said, “Think for a minute, my Dad spends most of his day with crazy people. Crazy rubs off.”

Democrats, and the GOP in the Congress, crazy rubs off. Circumvent Donald Trump and make him insignificant.

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