Senate Democrats throw the Dreamers to the wolves

Senate Democrats throw the Dreamers to the wolves
Senator Chuck Schumer, (D-NY) official Senate Photo

I am very disappointed in Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY). He is spineless and has dashed the hopes of Dreamers. Schumer’s actions are not noble. They are cowardly, and he is using the Dreamers for tawdry partisan politics.

His words today from the Senate floor in an attempt to cover his lack of character, or to show commitment to Dreamers, are laughable to those who know legislation, and the legislative process. Chuck was never known as a paragon of integrity, and he showed the world today why he is not trustworthy.

Schumer said there is now a clear pathway to a Bill to help dreamers. Yes, a clear path to failure. Does anyone believe a new Dream Act will clear the Senate with 66 votes, and the House with 290 votes to overcome a Presidental veto? If the answer is yes, then I would suggest finding a competent mental health professional to help you with the delusions.

There are two possible strategies in play; the first and most obvious is that Schumer has no backbone and no core beliefs in anything. In that, he reminds me a lot of Donald Trump. The second has three parts.

Part one, Schumer is hoping Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will break his word. McConnell and Schumer are very similar in that their word means nothing. To them, words are something you say at the moment and are forgotten as soon as they exit one’s mouth. That is the norm inside the US Capitol. After the TV soundbite, forget-about-it.

Part two is a contingency to make his cowardice a win. For the sake of example, say McConnell accidentally does keep his word to Schumer. It will be a historic moment if he does.  Let’s further assume the Democrats can get a bill passed with a simple majority in the Senate.

It will then go to the House where it will die in committee, perhaps without so much as a hearing. If either part 1, or part 2 happens, then Schumer can jump up and down, and point fingers at the GOP as the racists they are.

Nevermind that in Schumer’s grasp is a must-pass piece of legislation. It would force the hand of the GOP in the House and Senate, and the political risks of Trump using the veto are minimal with a closed Government. It would be an even more significant political win if Trump did veto a bill that would reopen the Government.

Part three is the Schumer contingency for political success if lightning strikes and a bill emerges from Congress and makes it to the President’s desk. In my wildest imagination, I cannot envision an Act supporting DACA overhaul garnering 290 votes in the House, and 66 votes in the Senate. One would have to be on a nasty LSD trip to conjure up that hallucination.

I am sure President Trump is sporting a new $2,000.00 Graf von Faber-Castel pen to veto any DACA reform that hits his desk passed by a simple majority and is not attached to something he wants desperately.

In any of the three contingencies above, Cheerleader Schumer will run to the Latino community with his fingers pointing every which way except at himself. He and the Pollyanna Democrats who are trusting McConnell must accept partial responsibility for every Dreamer deported. The Democrats who voted with the GOP and Schumer abandoned the Dreamers.

Schumer and the Democrats who tossed Dreamers aside and pretend they are champions of Dreamers are not Pollyannas. They are smart, scheming, connivers who are as manipulative as Trump. That characteristic is one of the defining features of the American swamp creature Politicus Americanus.

Politically this will come out well for the Democrats. For the Dreamers, the ending will not be so good, but I am sure lots of good thoughts and prayers, and rhetoric about unfairness is coming their way, for whatever that is worth.

Chuck Schumer had the GOP pinned to the mat, and it was Schumer who cried, “Uncle,” and gave Trump a colossal victory.

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