Donald Trump gave me the flu, and I am not happy about it

Donald Trump gave me the flu, and I am not happy about it
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I ran a high fever for a week. The fatigue has been awful. Over a forty-eight hour period, I slept 39 hours. It is Donald Trump’s fault.

I called my sister and told her I was very ill with the flu and that Trump is the cause. I had to explain to her how the President of the USA managed to give me a viral infection from a great distance away.

She did not grasp how that is Trump’s fault.

Yesterday, I had a little time when I felt well enough to sit up, and so I signed-in to Twitter. The first Tweet I saw was by Trump crowing about a Toyota plant in Alabama. Our portly President was taking credit for Toyota’s decision to locate in Alabama.

When I was at Hill and Knowlton Public Relations and Public Affairs Worldwide, we represented cities and supported companies as they searched for locations to build.  The task of locating a suitable, along with a deal with the local state has not one thing to do with the President of the USA.

Companies look for a deal, and the negotiations are often years long. They look for a workforce they can employ, and they look for gifts and concessions from the State. I spent much time going to State Capitols, and zero time going to the US Government until just before signing the deal.

When the deal was ready to be signed, part of my job was to let Senators and Representatives know what was going on in their States and Districts as a courtesy. That way, they could take credit too for something happening in which they played no role. Helping them to take credit for something they did not assist in making the deal, coupled with a campaign contribution or two, assured my goodwill with the Senators and Representatives and is the bread and butter of lobbying. Goodwill and fear of what you could do to them is a lobbyist’s stock and trade.

The Republicans like to say the Red States are the most business-friendly states. Well, if one defines business-friendly as anti-union and willing to give away the farm with tax breaks to attract business, that is true.

WalletHub published a study on the states that take the most in Federal aid. This is a list of States where the State tax revenues do not bring in enough money to run things. Alabama is the number four most dependent State on the Federal Government to keep their lights on, and their schools in operation.

The Republicans have lectured to us for years how if we just cut taxes, the tax cut alone creates more tax revenue. The theory is that the increase in income offsets the taxes in the forms of more personal income taxes and more sales taxes, right? Dismount your unicorn, and have a sweet drink of Kool-Aide if you swallow that theory. It is a theory, and not a fact.

The fact is the Federal Government are underwriting the “business friendly” states with increased Federal revenue to offset what they are giving away to corporations. No fancy economy theories involved, just a scam run on the rest of us by the Red States.

So how is Donald Trump responsible for my getting the flu? The explanation is simple. I got a flu shot and still contracted the flu. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is an agency of Government. Donald Trump sits at the head of the Government. CDC guessed wrong on which vaccine to produce to mitigate flu this season. Therefore, it is Donald Trump’s fault.

If he can take credit for a factory in Alabama he had no roll in landing; then I can blame him for having the flu. Mr. President, next year I want you to be more accurate in your flu virus predictions.

In my fevered delirium, I hallucinated there was news about Oprah Winfrey running for President. Boy, high fevers will make people crazy. Imagine that? After the Trump fiasco, the Democrats walking down the inexperienced in government entertainer route just like the GOP. I am glad the fever broke, and I am back dealing with reality.

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