Can the damage being done by Donald Trump to the Presidency and America be repaired?

Can the damage being done by Donald Trump to the Presidency and America be repaired?
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Donald Trump is the most destructive President of the United States in history. He has exceeded the dire warnings his opponents sounded during the campaign. Portrayed by the Democrats as unstable, chauvinistic, incompetent, and racist President Trump has been all that and more.

During the 2016 election, the consensus among long-time GOP friends and former colleagues of mine was that his bluster and bombast were for the masses and he would govern just like every other Republican for the past 65 years. “Watch what he does, not what he says,” has been the watchwords among the power structure of the GOP.

Well, they have watched and now shake their heads in despair. He is everything the Democrats said about him, and more, and he is destructive to the Presidency and America. He gives the appearance of being self-destructive and he also appears to want to take the nation along for the ride down.

Donald Trump is losing his base

A fellow Billionaire, friend, adviser, and supporter Tom Barrack told The Washington Post that he is “shocked” and “stunned” by some of Trump’s tweets. “He’s better than this,” Mr. Barrack said in an interview published October 11, 2017.

Neil Cavuto, a Fox News right-wing pundit, and analyst had been an early and enthusiastic support of Donald Trump. Salon reports that Mr. Trump has now lost Mr. Cavuto, who delivered this searing message to the President earlier this week:

“Mr. Art of the Deal is killing the deal. I’m talking about your deal, Mr. President. I’m actually talking to you, Mr. President. You’ve got this, and, yet, you are losing.”

Soon, the only friend the President will have left in the media is Sean Hannity. Hannity is keen at knowing which way the wind is blowing. Like Trump, Hannity thinks of himself first. When Hannity smells the blood in the water, he’ll dump him too.

Only the white nationalists seem to have not been thrown under the bus by President Trump and it started reflecting in his polling numbers last August. Trump promised during his campaign to be everything to everyone. He even promised to be a champion of Gay Rights. A few believed him and supported him. The gains LGBTQ members had achieved under President Obama have now disappeared.

Donald Trump is losing Congress

The “losing” Neil Cavuto referenced in his comment was the newest feud between the Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) and the White House. Most White House/Senate feuds are between members of opposite parties. Not with this President. He belittles and berates those he needs to pass his agenda. Without them, he has nothing other than talk.

His tax plan is in deep trouble with his own party. Despite rhetoric from Speaker Paul Ryan that there is great unity on taxes, the divisions in the party are deep. There are many who steadfastly refuse to vote for any program that will increase the Federal Deficit. That means only not cutting taxes, but the infrastructure spending that was a focal point of his campaign.

Donald Trump is losing America’s allies

The Queen of England snubbed Trump on Wednesday. His upcoming visit to England has been downgraded from a state visit to a working visit. The Queen is the Head of State and will not be receiving the President. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen a state visit withdrawn from a President of the US. This kind of snub is usually reserved for third world dictators and despots.

When Donald Trump went to NATO and would not reaffirm the promise of Article V of the NATO Treaty, it damaged our relationship with our strongest and most loyal allies. The article affirms that an attack on one is an attack on all. With that act, he gave allies the impression America is no longer an ally that can be depended on. It was also a signal to Russia they have a friend they can count on.

He has kind words for the bad-boys in the world such as Russia's Putin and Turkey's Erdogan, neither a fan of human rights. Those who struggle for human rights have no friends in the current White House. Those who take away rights have a good friend in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump behaves like a third-world despot

One of the defining points of dictators and despots is the number of family members who become members of the ruling elite. Donald Trump fell right into the mold of men like Sadaam Hussein when he hired his son-in-law and daughter to work in the White House. Despots often hire family. They are the only people they trust. That seems to be the case in the present White House.

Hate for a free press is also a defining feature of totalitarian regimes. Personal grudges against reporters and the organizations they work for are common. That fits well with Donald Trump who smears the media for doing their jobs.

Donald Trump’s hatred for a free press runs so deep that Wednesday, Trump made a veiled threat that action should be taken against NBC’s broadcast licenses. He also made the comment that:

 “It is frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write…”

It is frankly disgusting that a President of the United States would have such disregard for the Constitution that they would make a blatant assault on the First Amendment.  Where are all the Constitution-loving conservatives that had fainting spells at imagined assaults on the Constitution by President Obama? Here is an assault that isn’t imagined. This is an assault on the foundation of our freedom. The cat seems to have their tongues.

It is a good day to be a former Republican. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t fathom a member of the GOP assaulting basic freedom. Yet here it is on display daily.

What is even more disturbing are the GOP members of the House and Senate ignoring the totalitarian behavior and trying to curry favor with a man who exhibits hatred for the bedrock of America, who loves despots, and who bullies them. It reminds me of those in domestic violence situations who try to curry favor with their abusers.

One of the greatest offenders is Lindsay Graham (R-SC) who pandered to Trump on Twitter about golf games. The same Lindsay Graham who just last year correctly stated that Trump was off his rocker.

How much longer will it go on? The out of favor White Nationalist Steve Bannon now puts the odds of Trump finishing out his term at 30%. It needs to be 0%. Donald Trump is dangerous to our freedom. So is Steve Bannon dangerous to our freedom. This is a case of two despot wannabes fighting with one another.

This is what the GOP voted for and elected. Is this what they want and are they happy with what they have done to the nation? They may get on social media and say, “fine job, what about Hillary’s emails?” What about them? Compared to what he is doing to America, her emails are nothing. They always were nothing and were just used as a justification to hate.

Trump is trying to bail himself out

Trump realizes this was not a good week. He took steps on Thursday to deflect his troubles. He has two behaviors when cornered. The first is to start chanting “Lock her up.”

That isn’t working so well these days, so he has fallen back on an old standby: hate for the poor and elderly. He signed some executive orders today trying to gut Obamacare. The nation is not buying what the GOP is selling on Healthcare. That is why it can’t get passed in Congress.

The GOP has never cared much for the sick, the poor, and the elderly. Putting Granny on the ice flow and making sure the poor and the sick stay poor and sick are popular themes with the GOP. They like to say otherwise, but their behavior tells another story.

To help deflect his troubles and take another shot at the GOP in Congress, Trump organized his latest signing of an Executive Order against The Affordable Care Act at the White House.

Was he surrounded by GOP activists, Insurance Company executives and the like? Not exactly. However, he surrounded himself with Executives from IHOP/KFC during the signing. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Healthcare, Kentucky Fried Chicken doesn’t enter my brain.

Maybe that’s just me.

Is the damage done to America, to our freedoms, to our beliefs, to our allies, and to the Presidency itself beyond repair? They are beyond repair so long as that nut is in the White House.

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