The Trump Brand is in trouble in Alabama

The Trump Brand is in trouble in Alabama
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Alabama is becoming as big a headache for Donald Trump just as Alabama is a headache for those who love freedom and equality. There is a special election for the vacant Alabama US Senate Seat that became available when The President named Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

A man appropriately named "Strange" is the Trump White Supremacist candidate. Luther Strange was named by the Governor of Alabama to keep Jeff Session’s Senate Seat warm until a special election could be held to crown a new Imperial Wizard, I mean, Senator. Sorry, wrong organization.

Maybe Luther Strange wasn’t white enough. He has a challenger, Roy Moore. Reporters who are nice call him a “conservative firebrand.” I’m not one of those “nice” writers. I tell it like it is. He is a white nationalist Christian Taliban bully. The kind of guy who wants to erase the wall between the Fundamentalist Christians and the State. He wants to govern in the name of Jesus as interpreted by white fundamentalists Christian sects.

He has been anointed by White Nationalist Steve Bannon and his side-kick the ever-vapid Sarah Palin. Short an official Klan endorsement, which I would bet unofficially he has received, you don’t get much further on the White Nationalist spectrum without slipping over into fascism itself.

Moore hasn’t been campaigning against Chuck Schumer (D NY) or Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or many of the other likely Democratic suspects. He has been campaigning against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who is about as popular with the white supremacists as Barack Obama is popular with them.

Conservatism is gone from the GOP

I can no longer call the guiding ideology of the GOP “conservatism.” Their “new” principles are not so new. Racism, white supremacy, and libertarianism, lack of empathy, war mongering, isolationism, anti-science, merge church and state, and protectionism are the new goals of the party.

Those ideals have replaced looking for conservative solutions to national problems like Richard Nixon did when he created the EPA. It has replaced the diplomacy the GOP had a talent for in other Presidents. Gone is free trade, which does grow an economy. Cutting taxes for the rich has replaced helping businesses to grow. The whole tax platform is particularly disturbing. Cutting taxes for the rich only help the rich. Tax cuts to help business to grow is a mathematics formula forecast that is an unfulfilled promise.

Conservatism is still around. It’s just an orphan at this moment. The keeper of the legacy of William F. Buckley Jr. is Bill Kristol, who runs The Weekly Standard. The esteem Mr. Kristol holds for Donald Trump is on par with the esteem Bernie Sanders holds for Trump. Mr. Kristol works hard at keeping the message of conservatism alive.

To call Mr. Kristol a purist would not be correct. Purists oft times are doctrinaire. I think the proper label for Mr. Kristol is honest. He is honest about conservatism offering real solutions to real problems. He doesn’t pretend problems don’t exist.

One of the largest problems Mr. Kristol sees is Donald Trump and his demagoguery. I used that word yesterday and some Trumpian unwilling to use Google to look it up believed I had made a religious smear and went off on me.

Demagoguery is a manipulative approach to people that play on their emotions and prejudices.  It rallies their hate and their fears and is used by dictators and sleazy politicians. It is a tool of White Nationalists, like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon to rally like-minded haters into their racist movements. Their theme is “Us vs. Them” with “Us” as an underdog. Steve Bannon portrays the race as elites vs. grassroots.

Who can be the most oppressive is the question in Alabama

It a bit of irony, the reason voters in Alabama like Roy Moore is they see the same qualities in Mr. Moore, they saw in Mr. Trump. Mr. Moore sells himself as “his own man,” just as Mr. Trump did. The outsider appeal which is loved by those who think they are the downtrodden underdogs.

President Trump and Mitch McConnell have come together to support Luther Strange because they believe Mr. Strange has a broader appeal to the broader GOP.

So where do the two candidates stand on the issues? Issues seem to be unimportant in this race. It is a race of personalities. As a former Republican and now Democrat, it appears to me what kind of evil do the voters want; faith-based evil or secular evil?

The view of Moore by White Nationalists is that he is the purer of the two candidates. Bannon went on The Hannity Show, the preferred forum for White Nationalism, and proclaimed that his support of Moore was to keep the vision alive that brought Trump into the White House.

That vision isn’t a vision at all. That vision is tyranny, racism, hate, class warfare, division, ignorance, and lack of empathy all rolled up into one populist movement. That movement is not to bring equality and fairness to America. That movement is to reestablish white bullying as the law of the land.

Alabama has not been good to Donald Trump. It gave him an Attorney General he doesn’t much care for. Now the Trump brand is on the line and may be defeated.

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