A horrified America awaits Donald Trump’s UN speech

A horrified America awaits Donald Trump’s UN speech
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It is not a question of whether Donald Trump will humiliate himself at the UN later today. The only question now is how embarrassing will his speech be?

As an American, let me apologize to our allies and trading partners in advance for whatever rolls out of that clown’s mouth. He doesn’t represent the views of most Americans. In fact, he didn’t win the General Election last November. Secretary Hillary Clinton won the election by 3 million votes. She didn’t win the Electoral College and so we now have that as our President.

Donald Trump’s views do not represent most Americans views who voted in the election. I have many overseas readers, and I want you to know anything he says in the speech is open to debate. His views are clearly not the will of our nation.

I know many of you don’t understand how a man can lose an election yet become the President. We have something called the Electoral College. It’s an error to think of the American General Election as an election per se. Think of it as a very long and expensive exercise in public opinion research. From that research, elitists known as Electors cast their votes at the Electoral College, and the person the elitists say is President gets the job. Win a State and you most likely win the Elector. The masses be damned.

I know America has always said we believe in free elections and the will of the people and all that. That’s something we sell and it is not necessarily something we do. The Electoral College was put into place because the Founding Fathers only trusted democracy so far. They wanted to have a safety valve in case the public did something stupid.

The Founders feared England rigging a Presidential Election as a strategy to turn back the American Revolution. The Founders were great men and had a lot of vision. What they seemed to not to see was someone as crude, vulgar, and shallow as Donald Trump becoming President.

The very mechanism they thought would keep the nation safe has endangered America and the World. It was a horrendous backfire.

So here we are. The morning of the day Donald Trump will take the podium and our allies and trading partners will gasp and our enemies will laugh.

Trump trashed the UN and plugged his property across the street from the UN

Why bother to be President of the USA if one can’t raise the value of one’s holdings? This has become a Trump theme everywhere he goes. Whether it is a rally or observing hurricane damage, you too can have a hat exactly like the one perched on the Presidential Toupee. Just go to a Trump website and lay down your credit card. I bet he takes PayPal for those without a credit card.

He did the same at a UN on Monday. His debut address to the UN was on a panel about reform of the organization. He began his address by plugging the Trump World Tower across the street from the UN Headquarters. Just like a carnival barker, he can’t help himself. Can you imagine all the despots visiting the UN who are thinking, “You know if our UN Ambassador was to move over there…”

It worked for Saudi Arabia. They bought the entire 45th Floor for use by their delegation to the UN. What nation did Trump visit first as President? Saudi Arabia, of course. The sad part is that might be a legitimate strategy to keep the US off your back in the Trump Era.

He then went after the UN for not reaching its full potential because of waste, mismanagement, and bureaucracy.  I literally laughed out loud when I heard that one. All I could think of is Trump Air, Trump Casinos, Trump The Game, and a dozen or so other huge business failures. One thing I will say about Trump, he does know bad management. Look at his abysmal track record.

He sure hasn’t moved the USA toward less bureaucracy and more efficient management. The Department of Homeland Security is the icon of waste, abuse, and bureaucracy. As long as it exists, he should keep his mouth shut about mismanagement and bureaucracy.

Homeland Security is an agency that should go away. It’s the largest bureaucracy in the Government. It was supposed to be the front line against terrorism but is just another laborious behemoth that exercises double management speaking of mismanagement. Homeland Security could be a real danger to American freedom. Thankfully a string of people who are remarkably below average has headed it up.

How does his base feel about him being at the United Nations?

I am sure when he takes the podium to stand before the World and rant is when many of us will pray for a rare earthquake to strike, or power failure, or some other event that will stop his words.

Trump’s base is heavily laden with conspiracy theorists who believe the UN is working toward One World Government. Those evil UN people want to take away our freedom, our nukes, our guns and force us to have free Healthcare. THE HORROR, THE HORROR!

When Trump said today that the UN had not realized its full potential, maybe, just maybe his base will see that he is really one of them. Maybe, just maybe they will think he is a Manchurian Candidate placed there by the Illuminati at the insistence of The Jews, who of course run everything in the World. Many people in his base hold that belief.

I’m sure we will get some protectionist rants about America First. After all, he will have a problem with his base by Trump just showing up at the UN and not pushing to pull the US out of the UN. It will be the source of raised eyebrows that we are not cutting our financial support for the UN which we are bad about paying anyway. He will bring up the Iran deal and of course ask the World to stand with him against North Korea.

The Worldview of North Korea right now can best be summarized as “You started it, you finish it.” That is not entirely accurate to believe we started it. Little Vlady Puttin isn’t an innocent bystander in the North Korea saga. Neither is China. North Korea saw they had an easy mark with Donald Trump and moved much more aggressively on their nuclear program than in the past once he won the election.

So, to my foreign readers, I’m sorry in advance for the speech. I’m sorry for its content. I’m sorry to our allies. I’m sorry to those nations who are hoping to build a free society that we have let you down so badly with this circus clown of a President.

We’ll do better next time. We promise you that.

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