A convenient hurricane

A convenient hurricane
Key West during Hurricane Dennis in 2005 Pixabay Images

For Donald Trump, the approach of Hurricane Irma is a fortuitous event. The fact it is flattening his estate on St. Martin as I type these words, and might be headed to his Florida Properties is not such bad news for the President of the United States. In fact, it might be enough to make him believe in God.

Why does the approach of a Hurricane make the Tweeter-in-Chief almost giddy? The nation will stop thinking about him and will turn its attention to the devastation the storm will give to The Caribbean and Florida.

CNN will put some of the Donald Dolls that has pins shoved in them while they send assets to cover the storm. The New York Times and Washington Post will turn front pages over to storm damage and follow the track to see if Irma is going to pay a visit to them.

For a while, Donald Trump will stop being the lead story. This will be good for Trump because he is in a hell of a mess. Donald Trump has no idea what he is doing. Here is a list of fire-breathing dragons at the doorstep the Hurricane will give provide him some temporary respite.

Fire Breathing Dragon number 1, North Korea will fall out of the news unless the Fat Guy with the weird hair, I mean Kim Jong Un and not our Fat Guy with the weird hair, blows up the West Coast of the USA.  Trump has no clue what to do about North Korea. His responses are embarrassing. Can you believe his response to North Korea’s latest tests? Who is he kidding? We’re not going to stop doing business with China or anyone else over North Korea. There would be no Ivanka bags, or Trump cheap-and-it-shows neckties if we cut trade with China.

The left doesn’t have to fret about Trump starting Nuclear War. He’s got even less backbone than Bernie Sanders. I didn’t think such a thing was possible but there it is.

The poorest Nation on Earth has the President of the most powerful Nation on Earth tied in knots. The solution to North Korea is not all that complex. We have cruise missiles that can fly through spaces the size of a bedroom window. I suggest we make a few of them do just that. Blow up the Politburo while they sleep and watch how fast they lose their appetite for things nuclear.

Speaking of solutions, what about H.R. McMaster, the current National Security Adviser with the reputation for no-nonsense and a man of firm action. Where did he get off to? What a disappointment he has been. Where is all that brilliance we heard about from pundits? I realize he had to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with a tough enemy of the USA, Steve Bannon. Bannon has been vanquished so why not turn attention to some of the nation’s lesser enemies, like say, North Korea and maybe ISIS?

I keep forgetting, we surrendered the Middle East to Russia, so no ISIS fix is forthcoming from the White House. Sorry Israel, you’re under the bus because little Vladdy Putin wants you there and what Vladdy wants, Donald will give him.

Fire Breathing Dragon number 2, DACA. If there is any issue that shows how psychotic, cruel, and lost Donald Trump is as President it’s this issue. The Washington Post published all the different positions Trump has held on this issue over the past year. He’s all over the map. We don’t need a pundit to figure out Trump’s real position on DACA, we need a psychiatrist.

He has been successful in uniting the Hill, the Left, the Right, and American Industry. They have united to fight him.

This Washington Post video highlights Trump’s changing positions, and flip flops. The video is from a September 6, 2017, Washington Post in an article by Aaron Blake.

Fire Breathing Dragon Number 3, Robert Mueller. Remember him? Of all the fire-breathers, if you are Donald Trump, you fear this one the most. He’s on a mission and he is smarter than Trump. It is not lost on Robert Mueller that state charges are outside Trump’s pardon power. He will take down the President’s Men, and Women, one by one. The Russia investigation is just getting cranked up.

Given the situation Trump finds himself in, he may be praying for more Hurricanes to blow in. Losing a sprawling estate on St. Martin, and a Hotel in Florida is a small price to pay. Besides, he has insurance for the property. There is no insurance against Mueller and his other Dragons.

Yes, the Hurricane is mighty convenient for Donald Trump. He shouldn’t get too relaxed. The Hurricane will pass and the nation will turn our attention back to him. It could make the fury of the Hurricane look mild in comparison to the building fury in America in opposition to Trump.

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