I don’t trust Donald Trump and the GOP to Protect Us

I don’t trust Donald Trump and the GOP to Protect Us
Donald Trump speaks with the Tribune Editorial Board about gun violence in Chicago on June 29, 2015. (Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune)

I was part of the Reagan Revolution. I cheered when President Reagan invaded Granada and ended a coup against that Island Nation. When he launched an attack on Libya in retaliation for a West Berlin discotheque bombing, I felt the USA had sent a message to dictators that there would be consequences for sponsoring terrorism.

When George H.W. Bush launched a swift campaign to evict Sadaam Hussein from Kuwait, I stood in awe at the victory parade in Washington and was proud to be part of the strongest nation on earth, who used our might for right.

After 9/11/2001, I supported going after Osama bin Laden and those who were responsible for taking so many innocent lives on that horrible day.

May 2, 2011, is a day I won’t forget. That was the day President Barack Obama took the podium to announce to the world that US forces had brought Osama bin Laden to justice.

President Obama was criticized by many for his campaign of assassination of terrorists. He didn’t hear a word of criticism from me. He only heard my support. It is a dangerous world and diplomacy does not always work. There is a time when hard men and hard woman must do hard things to protect our nation, our families, and our way of life. I always felt the President of the USA would protect the nation. I felt that way until now.

I have no confidence in Donald Trump.

Before anyone starts in with the Tu Quoque logical fallacy, Barack Obama is no longer in office. We must deal with the reality of the situation today and not try to count drops of water that passed under the bridge months ago.

When you read, “but Obama,” it is a lame attempt to try and deflect away from an argument that the other side has no chance of prevailing. The reality is we have a hostile foreign power that has threatened a US Territory.

What is The President of the USA’s reaction to this threat? He Tweets is what he does. I can’t begin to fathom how hard our enemies are laughing at the United States and the President of the USA.

The President trying to carry out diplomacy on twitter is a testimony to just how incompetent he is. Does he really think tweets are going to deter anything? If he does, then he is as delusional as many think he is.

His behavior on twitter reminds me of some pubescent teen rather than a 71-year-old man who is supposed to be the leader of the free world. The constant barrage of tweets makes me wonder if he does anything else all day except stare at his phone?

Donald Trump is a bad, bad manager.

I guess we now know that The Apprentice, passed off to the public as a reality show, must have followed a script. We can only assume Donald Trump had no editorial input because the guy just can’t manage.

The White House is being mismanaged. I’ve seen better managed 7-11 Convenience stores than the current White House. Let me give you just one example.

The propagandists at Fox News went off the rails and started putting out graphics showing just how long it would take for an ICBM launched from North Korea to hit the USA Homeland. That is a scary graphic. There is only one problem, no such missile exists today.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies put out a well-informed, well-researched piece by someone who knows military policy, foreign threats, and intelligence. The name of the article is “Putting the North Korea Threat in Perspective.”  You can read it here. In the article, they cite the current technology possessed by North Korea. Let me quote from the article:

“…No one should downplay the threat from the so-called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or take the proposal that any use of force could escalate to a major war on the Korean peninsula casually.

At the same time, no one should exaggerate the threat to the point of panic, or make North Korea into some kind of towering threat…”

 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the clean-up batter in the Trump line up, tried to defuse a hostile situation, and quell growing fear in the USA. He made a comment in the press that Americans should sleep well at night.

Enter a second-tier clown, Sebastian Gorka, who publicly admonished Secretary Tillerson that he was “out of his element,” and that the Secretary of Defense should be speaking on military matters.

A second-tier analyst that works for the NSC would not be allowed to publicly admonish a Cabinet Secretary in any other White House except this one. Gorka blamed “fake-news complex” for reporting his actual words. I'm sure he was given a pat on the head by his boss for that comment.

I’m trying to recall a time when an analyst was called upon to be a spokesman about anything? Gorka is now trying to backpedal. What’s shocking is that he still has a job. He should be apologizing in public for overstepping his authority.

This is just one more example of how badly the White House operates. This is a White House where the President has publicly berated his own Attorney General, and in the process undermining him. Now, a 2nd string analyst from the back bench demeans a Member of the Cabinet.

Donald Trump has gone to war, ok. He’s gone to war with his own appointees pitting one against another.

Today, Trump is back to his twitter fetish.

In a macho head fake for his pals at the NRA, today the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, the protector of his citizens has taken to twitter once again.

In his usual embarrassing fashion, he tweeted that US Military policy is “Locked and Loaded.”

This inspires no confidence in me, a citizen of the USA and I am sure it doesn’t make our enemies cower in fear of our power. He’s tweeted utter nonsense before at North Korea. Remember when he was sending an “Armada” to deal with Kim?

The Armada must have gotten lost, or taken a wrong turn out there in the ocean. I guess that is easy to do since there are no street signs. [For Trump supporters, my previous sentence was sarcasm. Use google to look up the meaning of sarcasm.]

Is the GOP hiding?

The GOP doesn’t make me feel any more secure than Trump does. If I was still a Republican, I’d go into hiding along with the Leadership of the House and Senate too. They are not raising to the occasion and it appears they are growing weary of the fool in the White House.

Senator McConnell got testy with Trump the other day. He made a comment that Trump didn’t understand the legislative process since this is not a business he had been in before.

You will not often see me type these words, but Mitch McConnell is right on this point.

How much longer will the nation put up with Trump’s incompetence? How much longer will Trump want to spend failing as President? He is destroying the GOP and the weaklings in House and Senate are standing by watching it happen.

When I look at Mike Pence, I remember Jerry Ford. As much as I dislike Mike Pence, I do believe he would defend us from our enemies. I don’t have that confidence in Donald Trump.

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