Hillary got it wrong, it’s Donald Trump who is the deplorable

Hillary got it wrong, it’s Donald Trump who is the deplorable
Photo credit: Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune Donald Trump gives some thought before answering a question at a Chicago Tribune Editorial Board meeting June 29, 2015.

I shudder when I think about how Donald Trump will top last week’s deplorable acts.  The stiff Afghanistan Speech, which threw his supporters under the bus was followed by the Arizona spectacle. Those two events alone were an embarrassment, but the real outrage happened at the end of the week.

The speech from Arizona could possibly be the worst political speech of all time. It kept the fact checking organizations busy. There were few facts to be found in the Diatribe in the Desert.

This guy lies, and his followers answer “Amen.” The Russian bots and Trump Trolls took to social media Sunday Night. From all appearances, Trump is still relying on foreign trolls to do his bidding. I guess the bromance between Trump and Putin is still an ongoing thing.

The new cry from Trump land is that those who don’t support Trump are the racists. I’m afraid to ask one of them how that works. One of my many faults is I have a low tolerance for rank ignorance. I’m sure the answer about how a bunch of White Men saddled up to the White Supremacy Movement are not racists would be bad for my blood pressure.

I don’t answer trolls on Twitter. I just block them. In the act of blocking them, no matter how vile their rhetoric is that I read for a short moment, I get genuine pleasure from the simple act of blocking them. If you think about it, blocking someone on social media is the ultimate insult. It says to the troll, “You are so insignificant you’re not worth the bother to read or worthy of a response.”

Last Friday, on my Facebook Politics NowIL page, I asked the question, “What in your opinion was the biggest outrage by Donald Trump this week?” I got a lot of responses. Most responses can be boiled down to the biggest outrage of all is that Donald Trump exists. That is a worthy response.

My question was to get the opinion of my readers as to which behavior during the week was his most deplorable? Was it throwing his support base under the bus on Afghanistan, or perhaps his revisionist history and strings of lies and half-truths in Arizona? Maybe it was his self-centered boorish behavior in Arizona? Are we so used to his self-focus that we don’t even acknowledge that he came to John McCain’s home state and didn’t wish him well in his battle with cancer?

For me, the most deplorable act of all was the pardoning of Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is an evil man. Trump lied when he proclaimed Joe Arpaio was convicted for “just doing his job.” I suppose the same could be said of Pol Pot and his work in Cambodia. He was just doing his job too.

The President of the United States pardoned a man who flaunted the law, the courts, and the Constitution of the United States. How is that not a violation of his oath of office?

Yesterday, USA Today published an Op-Ed by Jon Gabriel, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no conservative and no hero, no matter what President Trump says.” What is unique about this article is that Jon Gabriel is a conservative living in Maricopa County, Arizona had writes of the horrors of Sheriff Joe and the almost continuous abuses Arpaio inflicted on others just because he could. You can read the article by clicking here. I highly recommend the article to those who live outside Arizona who are celebrating a criminal being pardoned.

Pundits agree that Trump’s pardoning of Arpaio was a message to those under investigation by Mueller that Trump will use his pardon power to get them out of trouble. This isn’t governing, it’s racketeering.

It’s deplorable behavior by a deplorable man, protecting his criminal pals.

What will the deplorable outrage will Donald Trump be at the center of this week? Who knows, but we all know there will be one.

Trump needs to go.

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