Predictable reactions to the shooting of Rep. Scalise

Predictable reactions to the shooting of Rep. Scalise
Screenshot of twitter posts about the shooting of Congressman Scalise

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot while at practice for the Congressional baseball team in Alexandria, Virginia. One report from CNN announced a suspect is in custody and is not a threat.

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) put his belt on Congressman Scalise's leg to try and stop the bleeding. Early reports are that two Capitol Hill Police were also shot in the attack. Capitol Hill Police are the official police force of the U.S. Congress and are charged with providing security for Members.

Early reports are that the attack was deliberate. The story is still a breaking news story.

What I find as troubling as the attack itself is the reaction to the report. We have a tendency with social media to say what we think and feel more openly that we would in actual conversation. One poster from the left said:

“Too bad he didn't put the belt around his neck jk”

I seem to recall being appalled by the right when they made such remarks about Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

The left is not wasting any time calling for stricter gun laws:

"So disturbed to hear about another shooting, but maybe now the #GOP will prioritize #GunControl?"

The Right is responding:

“So tell me, what new law would have prevented this? I'll wait.”

What I find amazing is the police have only released that it is a white male who shot the Congressman, yet all the people on Twitter have not only figured out the crime but have the profile of the shooter they are certain is correct.

The Right is blaming The Left. Someone has already diagnosed the shooter's politics:

“From the so 'tolerant” Democrat who can stomach the crushing defeat the Republicans dished out to them.”

“Far left liberal terrorist?”

The Right is blaming the news media:

“Satisfied CNN your divisive rhetoric caused this.”

What nobody seems to want to address is why are Americans so violent? We like to think we are the most sophisticated nation in the world, yet we behave like barbarians when it comes to violence. The NRA crowd, who I am not a fan of at all and do not support the organization do have a point. What new law would have prevented this?

The left has an auto-response: “guns are too easy to buy.” That is fine, coming from people who have never bought a gun and only have liberal blogs and rhetoric as a reference point. It doesn't address why are we such a violent nation?

With the disease Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) one of the symptoms that occur in full blown AIDS is Kaposi's Sarcoma. They are skin lesions that erupt and are sore and unsightly. To discuss gun control in the wake of a senseless shooting is like putting a band-aid on Kaposi's lesions. You still have AIDS.

The answer to gun violence doesn't reside in greater gun control any more than the band-aid is the answer to AIDS.

I live in Illinois. It is a state with some of the strongest gun laws in the USA. To buy a gun I have to have a Firearms Owner's Identification Card (FOID) to even touch a gun in a store's gun case or to buy ammunition.

Chicago, Illinois is now one of the murder capitals of the USA. Local news organizations keep running reports on shootings and murders in the City. It is not a matter of if a murder will happen. It is a matter of how many will happen over any given weekend?

Do you think those shooters have FOID cards? Do you think they bought the guns legally because they are so easy to buy? How about the convicted felons who are banned by Federal Law from having a gun? How is it they get their hands on weapons?

There are some cold hard facts we need to face.

  1. More gun control will not mean less gun violence. The experience with strong gun control in Illinois is proof of that statement.
  2. We can't predict when someone will go nuts and become violent. There is no law whatsoever that will protect against that and the insane are not allowed to own guns in most places.
  3. If you are a criminal, you don't care about gun laws. You will buy guns off the street anyway.

There is another fact we need to face: gun owners, you are a big part of the problem. You don't secure your guns in safes, or other high-security structures. They are stolen and end up on the streets. You also pay little heed to people who may have access to your guns when they start acting crazy.

I'm struck by how many people are living around, and with people who are insane yet they keep their guns where they can be taken by someone who steps over the line. The Sandy Hook killings are a prime example. The mother, who was killed by the shooter owned the guns he used in the killings. She knew her son was unstable, yet allowed him to have the combination to her gun safe.

If you own guns, use some sense. I'll also say the same thing to my friends on the left. Don't make broad generalizations and realize we can make it extremely difficult to buy a gun and only those who are no threat to society will be affected.

Let's work on why we are a violent nation and the gun problem will take care of itself. Maybe that is too hard of a problem for us to face? We must face it and come up with solutions that will work instead of fantasy solutions that will do nothing.

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