It’s a good day to be a former Republican

It’s a good day to be a former Republican
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I sit in disbelief watching the Congressional Hearings looking into Russian involvement in our elections.  The GOP I was a member of for 44 years is no more.  It’s been replaced, and conservatism has been killed. The Alt-Right and voices of intolerance and hate run things in the GOP.  That is not the GOP I belonged to, and won’t belong to any organization that is xenophobic, racist, and trade protectionist.

I’m not yet a Democrat but that may change.  It appears to me someone can be a pro-business, pro-trade Democrat easier than they can be a Republican who cares about their fellow human beings.  The GOP has lost its direction, as well as its heart.

I’ve become an admirer of President George Washington over the past few decades.  He abhorred Political Parties as being contrary to the cause of freedom and warned about them in his farewell address to the nation.

George Washington was our first and our only Independent President.  In his farewell address which you can read by clicking here, he warned about political parties.  The document is a towering document that used to be read to the U.S. Congress every February 22nd, the late President’s Birthday.

In the speech, he outlined his vision of what the nation should do to continue to develop.  There were several hands in creating the document, including James Madison, the principle framer of the U.S. Constitution.

Washington identified the formation of political parties as one of the two biggest threats to the nation.  England, who was not done with America militarily, was the second.  He even wrote to Thomas Jefferson, founder of what is today’s Democratic Party that if parties existed, he would seek to reconcile them.

Washington was a moderate who believed in consensus Government and reasoning things out.  He recognized hyper-partisanship is destructive to freedom.  If he could come back to life and see what America has become, he would more than likely be most upset about the destructive power the two major parties hold over our lives.

I do mean destructive, too.  Party rancor has caused our fellow citizens to disparage one another with every breath.  They divide the nation and we all know what the first GOP President, Abraham Lincoln had to say about divided houses.

In spite of my dislike for political parties, if you want to be effective you have to belong to one or the other.

My Republican Party that is now dead and gone used to try and find free market solutions to problems.  We wanted to create jobs and firmly believed that a rising tide lifts all ships, as the Wall Street saying goes about stocks.

We wanted average citizens to take risks to start new enterprises.  We were the party of entrepreneurs, of small and medium business who are the backbone of this nation.   We believed every man and woman could start an enterprise and build wealth, and we wanted to take away the barriers to new business formation.

When killer smog was taking lives in California, and Pennsylvania, and streams, lakes, and rivers were so polluted there was a real danger they would catch on fire, it was a Republican, Richard Nixon, who signed the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts into law.  He was also the father of lead-free gas.  People forget that one.

Now the GOP who stood up against slavery is the preferred party of bigots.  If Ronald Reagan were alive today, he would have nothing to do with a party that is an anti-free trade political party.

For those of us who were cold warriors and worked to help end communism and totalitarian governments abroad are thunderstruck by a President who calls himself a Republican, yet makes conciliatory statements to a communist dictator in North Korea.  It is not just the dictator's ideology that is objectional.  The dictator President Trump said he would meet, thereby giving the dictator validity,  is working on a nuclear bomb and the missile technology to deliver it to the USA.

Hillary Clinton may have played it fast and loose with her emails, but I will take that over the rank incompetence, lack of ethics, and pandering to dictators I see from our current President.

I’m shocked at the party who invented the fix for smog and polluted water when I look at their fix for Healthcare.  Tossing 24 million Americans to the wind, and then to make stupid statements like “nobody ever died from losing their Healthcare,” is not how Republicans traditionally have fixed life’s problems.

I never dreamed I would ever consider becoming a Democrat, yet here I sit in my office chair entertaining the notion seriously.  There is only one thing that is holding me back.  What holds me back is what happened in Berkley, and Ann Coulter.

I’m not an Ann Coulter fan.  She does have the right to be heard and her views questioned.  When you are so intolerant you refuse to even allow the other side to speak then that is just bigotry.

The only constant is change and if I make the jump to the Democratic Party, that is seismic.  I’m still wrestling with the decision, but I am close to making the leap.  “Bob Schneider, Democrat,” if it happens, I truly will have lived to see it all.

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