Another international embarrassment from the White House

Another international embarrassment from the White House

As an American, I’m embarrassed by the reaction of the White House to the use of nerve gas in Syria.  The event was half a world away, yet somehow was caused by an American President?   The Syrian regime used Chemical Weapons on their own population.  The regime is the only group that has access to WMDs.  This has the stamp of Assad on it.

Vladimir Putin, President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s good friend, has tried to blame the rebels for the attack.  That explanation has been rejected by nearly everyone.  Russia supports the regime and has blocked action by the UN Security Council to bring the regime in line.

Of course, Putin blocks it, birds of a feather and all that.

The White House has an explanation, too.  Sean Spicer took to the podium yesterday and laid blame, not on Assad, not Assad’s leadership; no Sean Spicer says it is Barack Obama’s fault.

One more break with reality from the Trump White House.  This is becoming routine.

Sean Spicer seems to forget that in the 1990s, Baxter International Corporation was under federal investigation for selling a blood plasma manufacturing capability to Syria.  Isn’t that humanitarian technology?  When used to make plasma it is.  With simple modifications, it also makes biological weapons.  The GHW Bush Administration took Baxter to task over the sale.

I know about this because Baxter used a middleman in the transaction by the name of Nizar Raslan.  Nizar contacted me in Washington and asked me to help him with a public relations effort to improve Syrian/American relations.

One thing that was apparent from the start, Assad was not interested in good relations with Washington.  He was interested in weapons.

We met with members of his regime in Damascus.  There was no interest whatsoever in our sharpening his image with the USA.  This was right after Gulf War I and Syria had been part of the coalition against Sadaam Hussein.  He wanted weapons.

My firm represented a lot of national security interests including people who made weapons.  He wanted to harvest the list.

We spoke about prison and how unattractive that place might be to me.  He didn’t want the weapons to use against Israel.  He would use them against Israel if there was another war, but his primary concern was Iraq.  It was a justified concern.

I told them no, and they looked at me and told me they could get what they wanted from Russia with a phone call.  They wanted USA weapons because ours are higher quality.

It looks like they made that phone call, and Vladimir Putin is not covering for them because they are good friends.  He is covering for him because his hands are not clean when it comes to atrocities by the regime.

But Donald Trump has another explanation.  It was Barack Obama.  In the face of an international horror, he’s obsessing on Obama?  How does Sean Spicer look in the mirror in the morning?

No, Mr. President, it is not Barack Obama.  It is Assad and your pal Putin.  Those are the two who pulled the trigger on the nerve gas.

The New York Times wrote an article about how Trump has changed on Syria.  Candidate Trump told Barack Obama his line in the sand was stupid in tweets, and to do nothing on Syria.  Nerve gas was not used under President Obama’s watch in large part because of the policy. You can read the NY Times story by clicking here.  I'm sure they will receive their tweet-lashing shortly for this factual article.

Now we have the weak, ineffectual, and insane talking Donald Trump as President.

In today’s world, anything goes and the despots of the world know it.

Trump is a dangerous fool.

Let me put on my best connect-the-dots-tinfoil-hat for a moment.  Steve Bannon, the king of connect-the-dots and conspiracy theories, a real pied piper to the crazy, was fired from the National Security Council today.  A position he should not have had in the first place.  Is there a connection?

Inquiring minds want to know.

President Trump is speaking about Syria right now.  Maybe my hearing is not as good as it used to be, but I didn’t hear him say, “My deepest apologies to President Obama for our boorish behavior yesterday.” Instead, he continues the blame game.  Remember when the GOP criticized Obama for blaming everything on Bush?

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