It's Monday and the Trump-train is off the rails

It's Monday and the Trump-train is off the rails
A screenshot of the weirdness to start our week

Donald Trump’s behaving like a cornered animal on twitter.  What’s he even doing on twitter on a Monday morning?  Doesn’t he have a country to run?

In Hamlet, Act 3, Scene two, Hamlet asks the Queen, “Madam, how like you this play?”  The Queen turns to Hamlet and replies, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  This time in America and Donald Trump’s behavior on twitter brings this line of Shakespeare’s classic play to mind.

Donald Trump appears to be a man who is afraid.  Is his fear just general paranoia or is this a man who has something to fear?  The answer is we don’t know.  Partisans who hate Trump will tell you he committed treason and should be impeached immediately.  His supporters will tell you that he is a victim of circumstances and the opposition is just trying to discredit his Presidency.

That is why we are having an investigation.  My concern is that he and the GOP will attempt to turn a legitimate investigation into a witch hunt for those who leak information to the Press.

Leaks are important and getting to the bottom of issues.  Nixon would have gotten away with Watergate if it was not for leaked information.  The Pentagon Papers was another famous leak.

The Pentagon Papers was a report prepared by Robert McNamara on the history of US involvement in Vietnam.  It exposed that the first involvement by the USA came under President Truman.  It was quite a flap, and the Nixon Administration tried to prosecute Daniel Ellsberg who leaked the papers.  They weren’t successful in their attempts to put him in jail.

The witch hunting by the Nixon Administration only made Nixon look more paranoid and guiltier of wrong-doing.  Donald Trump would do well to take a lesson from how Nixon handled himself in those days.

President Trump’s behavior has gotten so bizarre that his loyal sheep are not bleating “fake news” on demand.  Of course, they are spinning a few lies here and there.  One of the few they are embracing is Meals on Wheels.  The President’s budget did not eliminate the program, it cut it deeply.  The program is still there just fewer poor and incapacitated Senior Citizens will be fed.  After all, he needs millions and billions to pay for a useless wall on the Border with Mexico.  It appears he will finance it on the bellies of Senior Citizens.   But wait, he said Mexico would pay for the wall?

Trumpians are much more silent these days.  The enthusiasm for someone who gives every appearance of being off balance seems to be waning.  The more he’s cornered, the more he tweets; the more he tweets, the more bizarre his tweets become.  His latest tweets are almost pathetic and desperate.

Ad Hominem is a fancy Latin term for “don’t shoot the messenger.”  When someone can’t shoot down the message, when they have no case, they often try to shoot down the messenger instead.  The cries “fake news” is that feeble and ineffective practice.  In only makes Mr. Trump look guiltier.

I recall Conservative Christians 6 years ago when Obamacare was passed posting on social media that “America has sinned and God’s Judgement will be upon our Nation.”  Maybe they were right and maybe our Nation has sinned and maybe God is punishing us with Donald Trump.  Is Donald Trump God’s punishment on America?

That’s not mine to answer, I don't speak for God. I can say this; Donald Trump should be a wake-up call to America that the right person doesn't always get elected and to be more careful with our votes in the future.  It should be a wake-up call to America that evil can be called good because Donald Trump is evil personified.  It is a wake-up call to the press to stop being propagandists for a political ideology or party.   Our freedom and decency are at stake when you go down that path.


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