Who will save the GOP?

Who will save the GOP?

The future President Hillary Clinton will save the nation from the unstable demigod, Donald Trump, but who will save the nation from a broken Republican Party?

The party of Lincoln, Reagan, the party of Ike who saved the world from Hitler, the party of Nixon who created the EPA in doing so has done more to clean up the environment than any President in History is broken and no longer functioning as a party.

Trump knows he's going to lose and is still talking to his dwindling base of angry white men and telling them it's rigged. Yeah, it's rigged. It's rigged so the nation as a whole has the opportunity not to elect an unqualified clown to the highest national office. It is rigged so that the will of the people as a whole make the decision on the direction of the nation.

Trump is such an embarrassment GOP members of the House and Senate are in danger of losing their jobs. They are running for the lifeboats as the GOP Titanic being steered by Captain Trump bears down on the iceberg, while Reince Priebus leads the orchestra on the foredeck.

You can see it in their TV commercials. They never mention Trump, and they stress their ability to reach across the aisle and make bipartisan deals. Bipartisan deals, where did those come from? The last time the Congress was bipartisan M*A*S*H*, The Jeffersons and Cheers were still on TV. More people are struck by lightening in America a year than there have been bipartisan deals in the past twenty years.

Maybe not so ironically, the most popular bipartisan deal seems to be increasing the pay of Congressmen and Senators.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton can read the same tea leaves which are why they are out hitting the campaign trail so hard in the waning days of the election. Suddenly it appears GOP candidates have developed amnesia and can't recall that name “Donald Trump” or know who he is?

There were a few really courageous Senators from the start, like Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, who dumped Trump from the start, as did the entire Bush family, and Mitt Romney. They put the nation ahead of the party and that takes courage. The Democrats should hope they have party leaders with as much courage if someone like Sean Penn wins the Democratic Nomination for President in 2024.

The party is no longer a party and hasn't been since the Bush debacle ended on January 20, 2009. The power and influence of the party in the wake of Bush's unpopularity, with only a 30% approval rating when Obama took over, shifted away from future hopefuls in the party to cable TV and AM radio personalities. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart, Ann Coulter and other far right kooky entertainers became the driving force of the GOP.

Hate mongers started calling the shots for the GOP and do so to this very day. Hate was the steady diet and good policy was out the window.

We have to ask ourselves, where are the leaders of the GOP? Their Chairman, with the unpronounceable name, has steered the party onto the rocks. He's totally clueless. It's none of the cranky old men of the Senate, like Mitch McConnell that will inspire a new generation. Where are the governors? I used to hear a lot about Chris Christie until he became Trump's lapdog. He's done.

The reality is that the GOP needs something new and it doesn't need something right wing. The party needs to moderate. Throw social conservatism overboard because it is sinking the ship. The wounds of the party are self-inflicted. Doing things like trying to strip Planned Parenthood of its funding because of abortion just plays into the Democrat's hands. If you knew what Planned Parenthood does other than abortions you would see they provide an important function for the health of women.

Stop ignoring science. The planet is getting warmer and the consensus of scientists is that it is man made. Richard Nixon ran across this same kind of ignorance when he pushed the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts through Congress. In those days, conservatives said smog was natural and that Indian campfires in the San Fernando Valley caused smog in the old days, so it couldn't possibly be car exhaust.

Funny, today you can see the San Gabriel Mountains surrounding the valley. You couldn't before the EPA forced CAFE standards, catalytic converters, summer blend gas, and unleaded fuels.

The GOP needs to deal with reality and the reality is the national healthcare plan is not going away. With millions now insured who had none in the past, Obamacare is here to stay. What you could do is fix its problems which the Democrats readily admit there are problems. However, your constant obsession of wanting to keep the poor from having health care is contributing to the decline of the party.

Go back to free trade, good diplomacy, and economic issues. On the economic issues front, the party needs to admit supply side has failed. There is no trickle down economics and that was a theory that didn't work out. We need to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. As a party, that is an issue the GOP used to own,

Lastly, cut off the cable entertainers. Don't go on Fox, don't go on Hannity, don't do AM radio. I realize that is hard on your egos but you need to take the power back from them to the party. Just cut them off. In one month, they will get the message loud and clear.

The GOP is supposed to be the opposition party. They no longer have the ability to challenge the Democrats on any policy with legitimacy. Saying no is not challenging that is simply obstructionism.

How you do challenge is to modify policies as they come to the floor of the House and Senate. You are elected to make deals and move the country forward. People like the Tea Party Caucus are not the answer, and neither is the liberty movement which has nothing to do with liberty. Keep them out of leadership and keep them out of committee chairs.

For the health of the nation, the GOP needs to fix itself. I hope it does but it is hard to be optimistic about the party's future.

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