What an embarrassing time to be a Republican

What an embarrassing time to be a Republican
Donald Trump in Bloomington, Il (Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak)

The list of famous Republicans blowing off the convention, and refusing to endorse Donald Trump continues to grow. In Illinois, Curt Dillard joins Governor Bruce Rauner and Senator Mark Kirk, who have distanced themselves from the embarrassing Mr. Trump.

Neither Bush 41 or Bush 43 have any plans on endorsing Trump anytime soon, and Jeb Bush is still giving interviews to the press correctly pointing out how Trump supporters will feel abandoned when they figure out they've been duped by a Shylock when no walls are built between Mexico and the USA, no Muslims are banned and it sinks in on them they've been had.

Of course, his base is not the sharpest knives in the drawers. What is shocking more than the apparent low IQ's of the Trump crowd, is their apparent disregard for the Constitution of the USA.

Wasn't it the GOP and Conservatives who just a few short months ago were decrying the Democrat's disregard for the Constitution, a document to hear the GOP talk about it just a few short months ago was at least as Holy as The Bible, with the Founders as Inspired as Patriarchs?

Where did that go?

Now, in the name of not being politically correct, being a bigot is not only OK, is encouraged. Religious profiling and singling out people because of their religion? Yeah, why not, all those Muslims are terrorists after all, so why not?

Where are the principles of the principled conservatives? I guess those went away since almost nothing Trump has proposed can stand up to a constitutional test.

Trump is tired of this politically correct crap, you know, like not being able to force his will onto minorities, not being respected for being a misogynist and not being able to blame victims. All those are evil things in the world of Donald Trump and his supporters.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of politically correct things Donald Trump is tired of.

Being charged with racism in renting apartments, and losing. Yes, twice the Justice Department sued him for refusing to rent to Black People in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. The Civil Rights Act prohibits Trump from not renting to minorities but in the world of Donald, that is part of the Political Correctness he wants to put an end to. Yes sir, keep the Black folks out of his apartments if he feels like it. That's the way it was in the good old days before minorities had rights. That's Donald's base for you.

No wonder the Klan loves him and thinks they will advance their agenda through his candidacy. Is this what the GOP envisions for itself, to be a tool for the Klan to advance a hate agenda?

The decent Republicans don't seem to think so.

Here is another example of Trump's bigotry at work. At the request of a high-roller racist at a Trump Casino, an African-American card dealer was removed from a table. The New Jersey Casino Control Commission fined Trump $200,000.00 for pandering to a racist customer. The New Jersey Appeals Court upheld the Commission.

The gambler, in this case, was Robert Libutti, who was banned from entering Atlantic City. Mr. Libutti bragged of his ties to the Gambino Crime Family Boss, John Gotti.

This is what the GOP thinks should be President, a man who panders to underworld crime figures, and has zero respect for the law?

I keep forgetting, respecting the law is “Politically Correct,” how politically correct of me.

Many of my GOP friends have told me, Bob, as a Jew, you should really support Donald Trump. He really likes Jews.

Oh yeah, he loves Jews.

That's why he courts us with the most offensive stereotypes imaginable.

Last Winter, the Republican Jewish Coalition invited Trump to speak. He started his speech by saying, “I'm a negotiator, just like you people were negotiators.” It went downhill from there. Shallow on Jewish right wing issues, he wouldn't commit on Jerusalem being Israel's capital city. That elicited boos from the audience. He also said Jews were not going to support him because he didn't want Jewish money for the election. Is that a way to win over a group of people, accuse them of bribery?

Subsequently, he has tried to sell us on the idea he supports us because his daughter converted. That is right up there with “some of my best friends are Jews....”

His Alma Mater, Wharton, one of the best schools in the USA summed it up best in a letter they made public to Mr. Trump just this week.

In the ultimate “you are embarrassing to us”, the carefully crafted letter states: “At the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, students are taught to represent the highest levels of respect and integrity. We are taught to embrace humility and diversity. We can understand why, in seeking America’s highest office, you have used your degree from Wharton to promote and lend legitimacy to your candidacy. As a candidate for president, and now as the presumptive GOP nominee, you have been afforded a transformative opportunity to be a leader on national and international stages and to make the Wharton community even prouder of our school and values. However, we have been deeply disappointed in your candidacy. The Wharton community is a diverse community. We are immigrants and children of immigrants, people of color, Muslims, Jews, women, people living with or caring for those with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ community. In other words, we represent the groups that you have repeatedly denigrated, as well as their steadfast friends, family and allies.”

His fellow U of Pa alumni will be even further embarrassed by the emerging GOP platform.

It appears the GOP is embracing the same principles as the Taliban in its platform. Under the GOP platform, the religious test provisions of the US Constitution not to mention, separation of Church and State are out the window.

The platform instructs lawmakers to use the Bible when making laws, stipulating “man-made laws must be consistent with natural God-Given rights.” How Bronze-Age of the GOP. Will we be bringing back stoning for adultery? I know many in Washington who won't want to see that happen.

To no one's shock and surprise, the teaching of the Bible is encouraged in Public Schools. After all, what's church for?

There is also a call for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Gay Marriage. At least they acknowledge the Supreme Court's power, which is some progress of a kind.

The fantasy about the wall between Mexico and the USA is in the platform document, further driving a wedge between the USA and our second largest trading partner. That hurts jobs in the USA, but bigots don't think about anything other than their own hate.

For 42 years, I voted straight Republican, worked for the party, gave my time and my money and sometimes worked at some of the highest levels in politics.

I can't support what the party has become.

This is the party of rank ignorance, intolerance, anti-American values, anti-Constitutional principles, isolationism, protectionism, and against everything every Republican in my lifetime stood for.

I would wish them good luck, only I don't mean it. I want them to lose. There is nothing good for America coming from the GOP with this national platform.

The state level is another issue. It is as different as night is to day. Governor Rauner made it clear how he feels about Mr. Trump, and I back him in that sentiment.

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