It will be a ghastly 100 days

It will be a ghastly 100 days
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Tribune File Photo

If last night was a preview, it will be a ghastly 100 days between now and the election. Donald Trump’s screaming and hectoring are like nails on a blackboard. Every time Hillary opens her mouth, she sounds like a damn lawyer hedging her bets.

It’s a good thing I drink.

Donald Trump showed to the world last night that he truly is deeply mentally disturbed. This business of “I and I alone can be the only fix to the nation’s problems,” is not campaign rhetoric. It’s a break with reality. It reminds me of Mickey Mouse in the Movie Fantasia, where Mickey plays all the instruments and him, and him alone can make sense of what the orchestra is doing.

Here is a newsflash for Trump supporters: none of what you have heard for the past four days is real. None of it can be accomplished by Donald Trump or any other President.

If you want to give up the Constitution, and have a Dictator, that is another matter. If you want to invest law in the word of a megalomaniac and skip things like The Congress, The Supreme Court, Due Process, The Bill of Rights, you know, the Constitution, then give it a whirl.

You know, and I know that is not going to happen. You also know you have been lied to by Trump for over a year, and know what? You don’t care.

I have a theory as to why the GOP doesn’t care about Truth, or facts, or the Constitution for that matter. If the GOP cared about the Constitution, that hall in Cleveland would have been empty.

What the GOP cares about is hate. The GOP has the hate agenda.
I can prove it, too.

Let’s take a look at a few issues: Healthcare, let’s start there. The GOP wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. How many times did you hear about how good the GOP alternative is during the convention? That would be none, or next to none because there is no alternative.

That thing Paul Ryan proposed, lap-dog of Caesar-Trump, isn’t embraced by his own party. It exists as window dressing on a website. The bottom line is you want it back the way it was with substandard insurance that is cheap but doesn’t cover things, you want to exclude those of us with preexisting conditions such as high blood pressure from getting insurance, and if someone is poor you don’t care if they die because you only care about self.

Next issue, trade, which was always a strong point for the GOP but not under the Trump GOP which has trashed all the work done by every GOP President from Ronald Reagan forward to GW Bush. Do you realize what you have done? You threw Ronald Reagan on the trash pile of history.

Free trade is good for America and American workers. It creates new jobs. It is a strawman, a boogeyman that it runs manufacturing jobs off. It doesn’t run them off. A wage rate of $2.50 an hour in Mexico vs $21.50 in the USA is why jobs leave and no other reason. It isn’t “bad trade deals.” It is the cost of doing business in the USA.

Those trade deals are why there are jobs at all, but the hateful in the GOP just want to hate Hillary Clinton and say incorrectly that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA. Newsflash, he didn’t sign NAFTA, G.H.W. Bush signed NAFTA. NAFTA was ratified by the Senate on Clinton’s clock, but he had not one thing to do with the deal. NAFTA started under Reagan, was signed by GHW Bush, however, that does not stop an orange-hued demagogue from fomenting hate fueled with a lie.

The NAFTA lie is only one of a plethora of tall-tales by Mr. Trump who tends to forget that he won another award, that of the most dishonest candidate in the race of either party, as awarded by fact checking organizations. Mr. Trump hates fact-checkers because they call him on his lies.

The Chicago Tribune checked the facts of his speech last night. Like all Trump speeches, it didn’t come out well. The truth is inconveniently not going the same direction as Mr. Trump’s words.

To listen to Trump, one would think we are wading through a sea of dead bodies daily, when in fact, our murder rates are half what they were at their peak in the drug wars of the 1990s.

He cites other flawed statistics, like a rise in police on-the-job deaths which has actually dropped over the past two decades. His claims about illegals and crime are invented too. You can read the article here.

To portray himself and himself alone as savior, we have to be saved from something. We need to be saved from Donald Trump, and he could save us from himself by stepping out of the race.  But speaking of departures from reality, it is best not to even entertain this notion.

Trump’s speech last night would be fodder for comedy if it were not as the nominee of a major political party. Instead of it being the stuff for comics, it is a dire warning to the nation of the danger to freedom this maniac represents.

With his approach as sole savior, the GOP is giving a nod to a departure from republican Constitutionalism to a Demagogic Dictator. What is truly frightening is how the House and Senate Members of his own party blithely turn their backs on the very Constitution he trashes, and dismisses his frightening encroachments on liberty with a hand wave and “it’s a rookie mistake”, as Mitch McConnell dismissed one of Trump’s more egregious statements.

The phrase,“...But Hillary” does not hide what the GOP has nominated. I’m not excited about Hillary Clinton but compared to Trump, she looks like Lincoln, Jefferson and Reagan all rolled into one.

Trump’s screaming and yelling last night was pure cartoon manliness. Look, the GOP is not a cult, yet I see it being followed with cult-like behavior. This guy has nothing in common with any Republican who ever claimed to be a Republican. He is as much a Republican as Rachel Maddow, or Barack Obama.

If you love the GOP, then you will never vote for this creature. If you can’t vote for Hillary, then vote for Gary Johnson, who at least has respect for the Constitution of the United States, which is more than Orangeman has.

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