Why conservatives are cautious about climate change

Rick Perry is making headlines with more Bachmannesque brayings, this time accusing scientists of basically making up global warming as some sort of evil joke – the way they did with evolution.   As the competition to win the nomination of the Inherit the Wind Party heats up it’s getting harder and harder for rational conservatives... Read more »

Nancy Grace is the Creepiest Thing About the Casey Anthony Trial

A Facebook friend posted a weird little blurb on her profile (yes, I’m writing about Facebook and Casey Anthony in the same post, the Apocalypse is real).  This is just one of the more outlandish of the many.  It appeared beneath a picture of Caylee Anthony superimposed over a hokey heavenly motif: “Dear Mommy…I see... Read more »

Remembering who we are on our Independence Day

Most nations are built around a culture.  They grow through the ages from the soil beneath them by a natural process. Even in countries like France and Russia which were shaped by ideological revolutions, a national identity is defined by a shared language, history and religion.  No so in America. The United States is an... Read more »

Sex tips for politicians

This post is specially dedicated to my thousands of admiring readers who are major political figures (you can’t prove otherwise).  It’s time we had a grown-up talk.  When Bill Clinton left office I thought it was finally safe for children to watch the news again.  But clearly you folks need some help dealing with two... Read more »

Election Results from Elmhurst Board of Education

Elmhurst is sending a fresh new slate of members to the school board.  Here are the winners: Shannon Hennessy EbnerKaren StuefenChris BlumJohn McDonough Meanwhile all of Elmhurst’s City Hall incumbents held their seats.  More detail on the election from Patch.

Balancing academic rigor against academic enrichment

Is it possible to train a generation of students who can order a meal in three languages, recognize the difference between Baroque and Rococo, and at the same time consistently fail to meet basic standards of educational attainment?  Elmhurst seems determined to find out. York High School’s multi-year failure to pass minimum standards for student... Read more »

Elmhurst School Board Meeting

The BoE will have its final meeting prior to the 2011 election next Tuesday night at the administration building, 162 S. York.  Links and details are here. What’s the over-under on how many BoE candidates will be there?

Statements from Elmhurst BoE Candidates

Five of the eight candidates for District 205’s Board of Education replied to my offer to submit a statement.  Their responses are posted at the links below. Please remember that Early Voting has begun and continues until March 31, 2011.  Election Day is Tuesday, April 5.  You can find more information, including links to polling... Read more »

Statement from Bob Robertson, Candidate for Elmhurst BoE

I’m running for the School Board because I’m concerned about the direction our school district is going – both academically and financially, and I want to use my vision for the district’s future and passion for the community to restore our school district to top tier status for our children and community. •    I believe... Read more »

A few children still 'left behind' in Elmhurst

Here’s a little exercise.  Close your eyes and picture a school that’s failing the academic standards in the No Child Left Behind law.  What does it look like?  Do you see metal detectors?  Graffiti?  Gangs?  Hallways crammed with hungry, underprivileged young people ‘left behind’ by a heartless system? Elmhurst’s York High School doesn’t exactly fit... Read more »