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Top Ten Chicago Political Stories of 2012 (Social Justice Edition)

Unions were a hot topic the latter part of 2012, and that was partially due to the Chicago Teacher's Union strike in September that made national headlines not just for unions but deteriorating school conditions everywhere. (
From the NATO protests to the CTU strike, 2012 was a big year for social justice causes in Chicago. Below are ten events that allowed the social justice movement to gain momentum in Chicago in 2012.

Why Unions Are Good for Everyone

It’s been a month since the end of the CTU Teachers’ Strike that consumed local news and broke through to shine a national spotlight on Chicago politics and the dangers that the teaching profession is facing. Not just here, everywhere. However, it is not just teachers’ unions that have been heavily vilified throughout this entire... Read more »

Why Wal-Mart is Bad: Support Warehouse Workers for Justice

Why Wal-Mart is Bad: Support Warehouse Workers for Justice
In this modern era, fighting for a decent wage, benefits, and a healthy working environment is considered greedy. But what about when thirty warehouse workers stand up to corporate greed in the suburbs of Chicago? Are they being greedy by taking money away from the job creators that are ‘helping’ America? No, and if you... Read more »
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