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Why Is Chicago's Crime Rate So High?

On Dec. 5, Superintendent McCarthy announced he is sending the Chicago┬áPolice Department’s resident gang expert to the South Side of Chicago in an attempt to quell the city’s gang problem. Yet, is that the right move? Consider this, if low educational achievements can be blamed primarily on poverty,┬áthan why isn’t poverty seen as the root... Read more »

CTA's (Old and New) Stroller Policy

Last month Rahm Emanuel suggested that if you don’t want to pay the CTA fare increase, which will hurt poor, working-class families, that you should choose to drive instead. On Dec. 5, the CTA began to promote its stroller policy that also reflects Rahm Emanuel’s disdain for the poor. The posters promoting the policy remind... Read more »

CTA Fare Increases: Pay or Drive

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been called Mayor 1% due to his willingness to meet with business investors over community members and for the privatization of public education by promoting charters as choice. Not to say all those things aren’t bad, but he really showed his 1% colors (chartreuse and some other fancy sounding color)... Read more »

Why Soda is Bad: Chicago's Need for a Pop Tax

While other major cities like New York have imposed taxes on sugary-drinks, Chicago has gone a different path and will have a system based on self-responsibility that features health incentives and calorie-labeled machines. I’m not saying that self-responsibility isn’t important in health, but this self-responsibility will only affect part of the city’s population. Demographically speaking... Read more »

Ald. Moreno, Show Us That Chick-Fil-A Letter!

I bet when Mr. Chick-fil-a Sr. created the franchise he never thought that eating his chicken sandwich would create so much controversy. Yet, here we are. The year 2012, and protesting for civil rights revolves around whether or not you eat a chicken sandwich. The issue has become quite contentious in Chicago with Ald. Moreno... Read more »

An Analysis: Rahm Emanuel's CTU Strike Commercial

If you own a TV and live in the Chicagoland area, chances are you have seen the commercial that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has put out about the Chicago Teachers’ Union strike contract. There has been some controversy over how much the air time to run the commercial costs at $1 million. The group that funded... Read more »

CTU Strike: The Money Issue

Mockufeminist website Jezebel recently put out an article about three things that should not be the focus when discussing the Chicago Teacher’s Union strike. Karen Lewis is Fat. It’s not only disrespectful, but also has NOTHING to do with the issues at stake. So, grow up. (I also dislike when people mock Boehner for his... Read more »

CTU Strike Begins: How It Will Affect Rahm's Reelection

CTU Strike Begins: How It Will Affect Rahm's Reelection
Despite Chicago Reader’s Mick Dumke’s harrowing observation that “Chicagoans seem physiologically incapable of voting against incumbents,” this teachers’ strike will have serious repercussions on the now unlikely re-election of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Rahm Emanuel catapulted into Chicago’s mayoral seat for a variety of reasons. One of the most important ones, was that he lobbied the... Read more »

What Rahm Should Say at the Democratic National Convention

It’s ironic that during the times of most media coverage and attention (Oscars notwithstanding), people are not allowed to address real issues. The time is instead used to pander to the public about random topics known to get applause. “We need to get this country back on track!” *cue applause and me asking “How?!”* Our... Read more »

The Politics of Parks

On Twitter this weekend, there was quite an outrage over Mayor Emanuel’s decision to build a park in memory of Maggie Daley that will cost the city an estimated $55 million. The outrage stemmed from the announcement coming on the heels of another very violent weekend in Chicago where over 30 people were shot.”How can... Read more »
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