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Weird New Illinois Laws for 2013

Live in a condo and sick of your slow Internet, this year is one to rejoice since a new law allows condominium associations to include high‐speed Internet as a form of easement. (Condo Internet Easement HB 3950/PA 97‐751)
As mentioned in my previous post there are 150 new laws for Illinois. Some make sense like setting timetables for divorce, and others as you shall see below seem a little unnecessary. Also check out my top ten political stories of 2012.

New Illinois Laws for 2013

With a New Year comes new laws; One-hundred-and-fifty new laws for Illinois to be exact. I am highlighting ten that I think are the most interesting and relevant, and here are the weird ones. (Also check out my top ten political stories of 2012.) Telephone Billing Ban (HB 5211/PA 97‐822): Prohibits “phone cramming,” which is when people... Read more »
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