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Top Ten Chicago Political Stories of 2012 (Social Justice Edition)

Unions were a hot topic the latter part of 2012, and that was partially due to the Chicago Teacher's Union strike in September that made national headlines not just for unions but deteriorating school conditions everywhere. (
From the NATO protests to the CTU strike, 2012 was a big year for social justice causes in Chicago. Below are ten events that allowed the social justice movement to gain momentum in Chicago in 2012.

Fraternal Order of Police: Another Front in the Union Battles

The Chicago Teacher’s Union is not the only union fighting a battle with City Hall. Back in late-May, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, a.k.a. the CPD’s union, filed a grievance against the city for not being appropriately compensated for their overtime work during the week of NATO. The total unpaid overtime was worth over $15... Read more »

What Rahm Should Say at the Democratic National Convention

It’s ironic that during the times of most media coverage and attention (Oscars notwithstanding), people are not allowed to address real issues. The time is instead used to pander to the public about random topics known to get applause. “We need to get this country back on track!” *cue applause and me asking “How?!”* Our... Read more »

Explanation of the Closures of Chicago Mental Health Clinics

What people tend to forget about government services is that they are not supposed to be just provided but also be accessible to the populace. It’s understandable that Mayor Rahm Emanuel applauds himself for only cutting half of the mental health clinics in Chicago instead of all of them. “Hey, people can still get free mental... Read more »
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