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Celebrities Tapped to Stop Gun Violence in Chicago

As everyone knows, Chicago had the highest murder rate in the US with over 500 homicides in 2012 alone and almost 15 in the New Year. The city is even being compared to Iraq (the hashtag #Chiraq is taking off on Twitter). So, what is Chicago’s plan to stop the escalating murder rate? Superintendent McCarthy... Read more »

Top Ten Chicago Political Stories of 2012 (Social Justice Edition)

Unions were a hot topic the latter part of 2012, and that was partially due to the Chicago Teacher's Union strike in September that made national headlines not just for unions but deteriorating school conditions everywhere. (
From the NATO protests to the CTU strike, 2012 was a big year for social justice causes in Chicago. Below are ten events that allowed the social justice movement to gain momentum in Chicago in 2012.

Why Is Chicago's Crime Rate So High?

On Dec. 5, Superintendent McCarthy announced he is sending the Chicago Police Department’s resident gang expert to the South Side of Chicago in an attempt to quell the city’s gang problem. Yet, is that the right move? Consider this, if low educational achievements can be blamed primarily on poverty, than why isn’t poverty seen as the root... Read more »

Undocumented Immigrant Driver's Licenses in Illinois

The state of Illinois is considering a bill that will allow (and mandate) undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses. This bill begs the question, why is it important that undocumented immigrants be allowed/mandated to get legal driver’s licenses? Nationally, unlicensed motorists are five times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than licensed... Read more »

Does the Chicago Police Department Have a Code of Silence?

Does the Chicago Police Department Have a Code of Silence?
With the recent jury finding that the CPD’s code of silence emboldened Anthony Abbate to beat up bartender Karolina Obrycka in 2007, many people are wondering if the code wields as much power as this case implies. Terry Ekl, Obrycka’s lawyer, even called upon the mayor to break up the automatic deference to this code... Read more »

Do We Need an Extra Security Fee in Chicago for More Police Officers?

Alderman George Cardenas of the 12th ward proposed on Friday a new five dollar fee on homeowners and small business owners that would raise $70 million to hire 700 additional police officers. Cardenas wants to hire more cops to help keep Chicagoans safe especially with the rash of shootings that occurred this year. However, not... Read more »

Fraternal Order of Police: Another Front in the Union Battles

The Chicago Teacher’s Union is not the only union fighting a battle with City Hall. Back in late-May, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, a.k.a. the CPD’s union, filed a grievance against the city for not being appropriately compensated for their overtime work during the week of NATO. The total unpaid overtime was worth over $15... Read more »

Know Your Rights: Dealing with CPD

Welcome to my new weekly series “Know Your Rights.” The topic of this week is the infamous Chicago Police Department. Considering there might be some heightened protester/officer altercations due to the teacher’s strikes, this information could not come at a more timely occasion. If you live in Chicago, chances are you have had a run-in... Read more »

Torture in Chicago: The Burge Cases

When people think of torture, they think it is happening in a remote place, some desert in Iraq or Afghanistan, but it also happens within the perimeter of the United States right here in Chicago. The two Burge cases settled in July 2012 deal with two men who faced police brutality and torture under former... Read more »
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