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Do We Need an Extra Security Fee in Chicago for More Police Officers?

Alderman George Cardenas of the 12th ward proposed on Friday a new five dollar fee on homeowners and small business owners that would raise $70 million to hire 700 additional police officers. Cardenas wants to hire more cops to help keep Chicagoans safe especially with the rash of shootings that occurred this year. However, not... Read more »

An Analysis: Rahm Emanuel's CTU Strike Commercial

If you own a TV and live in the Chicagoland area, chances are you have seen the commercial that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has put out about the Chicago Teachers’ Union strike contract. There has been some controversy over how much the air time to run the commercial costs at $1 million. The group that funded... Read more »

CTU Strike: What The Contract Means for Parents and the Children

CTU Strike: What The Contract Means for Parents and the Children
              When the teachers went on strike, they weren’t just focused on evaluations and job security. They were out there to help improve schools. Here are ten ways the tentative agreement will benefit the students directly. More Money For School Supplies. Teachers will now be reimbursed for $250 of... Read more »

CTU Strike and City Colleges : Two Voices, Same Dialogue

Most of the media coverage of the education crisis in Chicago has been around the Chicago Teacher’s Union decision to strike. Yet, that is not the only battle happening in Chicago’s education scene. Chicago’s community colleges are facing the same struggles our K-12 education system is. Community colleges are heralded as a more economical way... Read more »

Explanation of the Closures of Chicago Mental Health Clinics

What people tend to forget about government services is that they are not supposed to be just provided but also be accessible to the populace. It’s understandable that Mayor Rahm Emanuel applauds himself for only cutting half of the mental health clinics in Chicago instead of all of them. “Hey, people can still get free mental... Read more »
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