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Boxing: Chicago's Solution to Gun Violence?

Medill Reports put out an article today that stated that the Illinois State Crime Commission and the Police Athletic League are going to introduce a new youth anti-violence initiative: learning to box. How will a violent sport deter violence? Boxing lessons will deter gun violence in the sense that it will provide kids with activities instead... Read more »

Top Ten Chicago Political Stories of 2012 (Social Justice Edition)

Unions were a hot topic the latter part of 2012, and that was partially due to the Chicago Teacher's Union strike in September that made national headlines not just for unions but deteriorating school conditions everywhere. (
From the NATO protests to the CTU strike, 2012 was a big year for social justice causes in Chicago. Below are ten events that allowed the social justice movement to gain momentum in Chicago in 2012.

Why America Has a Gun Problem

Think back to some of the heroes of the Revolutionary War, the Minute Men. They were regular guys who owned guns, and they were one of the first people to defend America as it acquired freedom from the British. Everyone learns about them and their exploits in history class. They are heralded in history books... Read more »

Why Is Chicago's Crime Rate So High?

On Dec. 5, Superintendent McCarthy announced he is sending the Chicago Police Department’s resident gang expert to the South Side of Chicago in an attempt to quell the city’s gang problem. Yet, is that the right move? Consider this, if low educational achievements can be blamed primarily on poverty, than why isn’t poverty seen as the root... Read more »

Slut Walk 2012 & The New Illinois Birth Control Ruling

Slut Walk 2012 & The New Illinois Birth Control Ruling
This past Saturday, Slutwalk Chicago 2012 occurred. It is an event where both men and women alike take to streets demanding respect no matter how revealing their attire might be. The march takes on the ideas of slut-shaming and victim-blaming especially with regards to rape, and counters them with the message of “Yes means yes, no... Read more »

The Reason for Gun Violence in Chicago

At the midpoint of Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine,” there is a short cartoon explaining America’s history with guns. Moore explains gun culture as a product of a culture of fear. Yet, Americans cannot be the only people who are afraid. There has got to be something else that makes gun deaths so frequent. When... Read more »

The Politics of Parks

On Twitter this weekend, there was quite an outrage over Mayor Emanuel’s decision to build a park in memory of Maggie Daley that will cost the city an estimated $55 million. The outrage stemmed from the announcement coming on the heels of another very violent weekend in Chicago where over 30 people were shot.”How can... Read more »
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