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Seven Facts About the Housing Crisis

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Unless you’ve been under a rock, you have heard of the housing crisis facing American families, but many people don’t know what this crisis means exactly. Here are some hard numbers that I hope bring this housing crisis home to those lucky enough to be able to have one. The value of U.S. homes have... Read more »

Seven Facts About Government Entitlement Programs

A common misconception about government entitlements is that they are easy to get. WRONG. There is significant paperwork and follow-up involved. In fact, over 50% of Social Security benefit requests get denied on the first attempt.
I have yet to write on the looming Fiscal Cliff (now downgraded to hill), but I’ll use another current event to tie in what’s in store for the most vulnerable Americans when they get thrown off the Cliff in January. Newark Mayor Cory Booker is currently doing the SNAP Challenge where he can only use... Read more »

Know Your Rights: Housing Discrimination

I have talked previously about rights Chicagoans have as tenants, but what about the rights Chicagoans have as they try to become tenants? This post will help explain what, if any, discrimination is allowed when a Chicagoan tries to find housing. Firstly, any person that manages in any manner a public accommodation (own, lease, etc.)... Read more »

Know Your Rights: Tenant & Landlord Remedies (Part 3 of 3)

So, there’s been an issue with services or the building is not up to code, here are some remedies that can be taken to fix the issues. Tenant Remedies For minor defects, such as refusing to fix a broken doorbell, the tenant has the right to Send a written request to the landlord asking for... Read more »

Know Your Rights - "My Security Deposit Gains Interest?" and Other Monetary Rent Rights (Part 2 of 3)

In my previous post, I talked about some of the basic rights you as a tenants and your landlord have. Today, I will talk about monetary rent rights for both of the above categories. When a tenant pays a security deposit the landlord must give him/her a receipt that includes the owner’s name, the date... Read more »

Know Your Rights: The Basics for Tenants and Landlords (Part 1 of 3)

If you live in Chicago, you are more likely to rent than own your place of residence. Over 60 percent of the city rents, but chances are many don’t know all the rights they are entitled to as a renter. The city has an official ordinance in effect that covers several rights and obligations for... Read more »

Chicago Housing Crisis Solutions: Eminent Domain and Liberated Homes

The city of Chicago has come to an impasse regarding the housing crisis. Over 45,000 homes have been foreclosed since the market failed in 2007 and many continue to go under. These empty homes are such blights on communities that Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans on spending four million dollars to start the process of tearing some... Read more »
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