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Why Unions Are Good for Everyone

It’s been a month since the end of the CTU Teachers’ Strike that consumed local news and broke through to shine a national spotlight on Chicago politics and the dangers that the teaching profession is facing. Not just here, everywhere. However, it is not just teachers’ unions that have been heavily vilified throughout this entire... Read more »

Know Your Rights: Religious Discrimination

Despite the separation of church and state and the fact that the US does not have a an official religion, many people in this country continue to face discrimination based on their respective faiths. So much so that Chicago has a specific section of its Human Rights Ordinance dedicated to religious rights in regards to... Read more »

Know Your Rights: Employment Discrimination

Welcome to the fifth installment of my “Know Your Rights” series. This week I cover employment discrimination. Much to many people‚Äôs surprise, Chicago has a Human Rights Ordinance that prohibits among many other things, employment discrimination. However, it does not have across the board anti-discrimination policies and means of obtaining retribution appear difficult at best.... Read more »
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