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Chicago School Closures

Chicago School Closures
It finally happened. The school closure list was announced by Chicago Public Schools, and, to soften the blow, instead of 130 schools being closed, ONLY 61 are being closed (54 completely shut-down). Hurray! Someone get CPS a Nobel Peace Prize stat! The only thing worse than painting the school closures as not terrible because it’s... Read more »

Persepolis Banned in Chicago Public Schools?

The internet exploded today with the news that Chicago Public Schools were attempting to remove the graphic novel about the Iranian revolution “Persepolis” from its libraries. They said it has violent scenes that make it an inappropriate book to be taught in schools. I will not disagree that it does have some violent scenes, but... Read more »

Chicago Schools New Sex Ed Policy

So, in the midst of controversial school closings plan, comes what some are considering a risky new sexual education policy soon to be implemented by Chicago Public Schools. The headlines nationwide appear to focus on the fact that this new policy will have  ”sexual education” for kindergarteners, and apparently, no one seems to care that... Read more »

CPS Stops Kids From Going to Underfunded Schools By Closing Them Down

After many years of  being consistently asked for more funding, Chicago Public School officials finally heeded the calls of parents and teachers and, in an act of mercy, released a list of 129 underfunded schools they plan to close down in the next year. “No school is better than a bad school, right,” chuckled a high-level... Read more »

Do Inner City Kids Need to be Taught 'Grit'?

While on Twitter yesterday a very interesting tweet regarding education popped up on my feed. African American women LEAST likely group to commit suicide. Strong women! Who says we need to teach “grit”??? — Katie Osgood (@KatieOsgood_) January 23, 2013 There was no link to an article that backed up this claim so I went... Read more »

Why Merit Pay Doesn't Work

The first couple of posts of 2013 for Poli Chi will focus on New Year’s Resolutions that the US government should have. This post is dedicated to all the teachers out there. Merit pay is heralded as the new frontier on how to compensate teachers and promote student achievement. Teachers in the end stand to... Read more »

Top Ten Chicago Political Stories of 2012 (Social Justice Edition)

Unions were a hot topic the latter part of 2012, and that was partially due to the Chicago Teacher's Union strike in September that made national headlines not just for unions but deteriorating school conditions everywhere. (
From the NATO protests to the CTU strike, 2012 was a big year for social justice causes in Chicago. Below are ten events that allowed the social justice movement to gain momentum in Chicago in 2012.

Seven Facts About Government Entitlement Programs

A common misconception about government entitlements is that they are easy to get. WRONG. There is significant paperwork and follow-up involved. In fact, over 50% of Social Security benefit requests get denied on the first attempt.
I have yet to write on the looming Fiscal Cliff (now downgraded to hill), but I’ll use another current event to tie in what’s in store for the most vulnerable Americans when they get thrown off the Cliff in January. Newark Mayor Cory Booker is currently doing the SNAP Challenge where he can only use... Read more »

Why Is Chicago's Crime Rate So High?

On Dec. 5, Superintendent McCarthy announced he is sending the Chicago Police Department’s resident gang expert to the South Side of Chicago in an attempt to quell the city’s gang problem. Yet, is that the right move? Consider this, if low educational achievements can be blamed primarily on poverty, than why isn’t poverty seen as the root... Read more »

Chicago School Closures and Replacement Charters

In the midst of the school closures debate, there is also a significant amount of chatter around charter schools, because, despite the argument that schools are closing because there is no money, new charter schools will be built to replace many of the closed schools. This situation begs the question: Why not just keep the... Read more »
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