Chicago Schools New Sex Ed Policy

So, in the midst of controversial school closings plan, comes what some are considering a risky new sexual education policy soon to be implemented by Chicago Public Schools. The headlines nationwide appear to focus on the fact that this new policy will have  "sexual education" for kindergarteners, and apparently, no one seems to care that a lot of voices went into creating this bill. Voices with many personal experiences of young children talking incorrectly about sex.
As someone who went to a Chicago Public School in the 1990's, I strongly agree that this new strategy needs to be taken. I remember kids saying crude jokes about sex since I was in kindergarten, and, now that I am an adult, it is pretty clear that the kids didn't know what they are talking about. Yet, when I was little, what they said was all I heard on the topic. Why wouldn't I think it was true? Therefore, what's wrong with implementing a sex ed policy that fixes the incorrect ideas young kids have in their heads about sex with positive, healthy, correct ones?
Not convinced yet. Maybe this story will change your mind.
I remember during sex ed class freshman year in high school we had a guest speaker who spoke candidly about the miseducation about sex that affects younger kids the most. He told us a heartbreaking story about how 3rd graders in Chicago were having anal sex. When he asked them why they were doing it and why they thought it was okay, the kids responded that they thought that if the sex was in the butt that it didn't count as them losing their virginities. Imagine if these kids had received a class that advised them of what not only what sex is but what it means. This event might not have taken place.
In case it hasn't hit you yet, that was third grade! Only three years after kindergarten were kids starting to have sex. As much as we'd like to think that kids are pure little beings that don't think about adult things such as sex, they, unfortunately, are. And what's worse is that a lot of what they are talking about isn't correct (see above example) and, if not corrected, this misinformation will affect their teen and adult ideas about sex and sexual health. The last thing we need in this country is more people that think that the female body has ways of shutting down things it doesn't want to happen or thinking that anal doesn't count.

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