The CTU Strike Over, Battle for Early Childhood Education Begins

To add fuel to the CTU vs. CPS fire, Mayor Emanuel has some drastic plans in progress for Chicago's early childhood education (ECE) program. Emanuel plans an overhaul of the current ECE programs.

Institutions and schools that did provide an ECE program will now have to reapply to regain funding for the program. Emanuel plans on standardizing the programs so that they will all be of the same calibre. Emanuel hopes that in the 2013-14 school year, 5000 more children will be enrolled in an ECE program bringing the total up to 42,000.

Emanuel lauds the ECE program as one that increases graduation rates by 29%. The issue lies in if he remembers which communities need that graduation boost. Equal distribution of the program would work in a city where economic contrast between neighborhoods is not as stark as day and night. Many of the newly standardized programs need to implemented in Chicago's high need neighborhoods, where graduation rates are low.

Mayor Emanuel must also remember that not even a major increase in availability to an ECE program will permanently fix graduation rates. He must also think of helping the students who did not have access to an ECE program graduate from their high school as well.


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