Blog Op-Ed: CTU Strike & the Charter School Problem

One of the main issues that people had with the CTU strike was that it was attacking charter schools. Charter schools are seen by many people as bastions for public education. Yes, some students turn out very successful when they go to a charter school. Yet, what people fail to see is that charter schools aren't that special. They are what CPS schools can become if the effort is put into our public education system.

People like charter schools because they are new and shiny. Who doesn't like going to a school where it looks like people care about the children in it by investing in resources like air conditioning, new computers, and the right amount of desks? Everyone. That is what CTU was fighting for. I myself went to one of the best public schools in Chicago, Whitney Young, but when I went out to the suburbs for competitions, I became intensely jealous of other schools' resources and wished Chicago had the same type of money to give its students what the suburbs take for granted.

So, why don't we? Why don't the Chicago millionaires and out-of-state millionaires just give CPS, or the general public education system in the US, the money to better all the schools? Why can't they just follow the tax laws and do the right thing? The rest of the citizens follow the tax laws that don't convenience them, and they have less money to go around. If these out-of-town billionaires care so much about the children, then why not try to help out all of the them instead of a select lucky few who get to be chosen to go to their charter schools based on a lottery system?

Is America the land of the lucky? Is the only way to achieve your dreams striking the lottery? I thought the United States was the land of hard-workers. Where with a well-funded public education system, its citizens could actively pursue their dreams. Was I wrong?


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