Ald. Moreno, Show Us That Chick-Fil-A Letter!

I bet when Mr. Chick-fil-a Sr. created the franchise he never thought that eating his chicken sandwich would create so much controversy. Yet, here we are. The year 2012, and protesting for civil rights revolves around whether or not you eat a chicken sandwich.

The issue has become quite contentious in Chicago with Ald. Moreno of the first ward taking a 'brave' stance against the chicken company that has a homophobic CEO. Moreno, backed up by our Mayor Rahm Emanuel, said that Chick-fil-a cannot build a restaurant in Logan Square due to company's anti-gay policy.

Pretty strong stance for a local politician until Moreno reported that he received a 'letter' from Chick-fil-a 'stating' that the company would no longer fund anti-gay groups and decided to give his blessings to the new store. The news was heralded everywhere as a victory for both gay and non-gay chicken sandwich lovers.

The 'fact' that Chick-fil-a was going to be able to build a restaurant only after conceding their homophobic ways was supposed to reinvogorate the gay civil rights movement. Big business can't just be blatantly evil and have the people and their government standby. Hurray! We can ALL eat chicken sandwiches again without supporting anti-gay causes!

Except, that was a lie. Not even a week after the good news was announced did Chick-fil-a put out a statement that the company never agreed to those concessions. That can only mean one of two things either 1. Chick-fil-a lied or 2. Moreno lied.

Both are plausible, but only one creates an issue of trust, and yes, it's the latter one. A company who has archaic and discriminatory views on the LGBT community is expected to lie to get their way. However, we expect some level of honesty from our politicians, especially when they are local. To the average citizen they are in the "pure" stage of democracy. It is later on that they become famous for lying.

So, how do we solve this "Alderman said Big Company denied" debacle? Show us the letter, Ald. Moreno. We don't want to hear a secondhand report. We want to find a full page spread in the Chicago Tribune showing the letter in its entirety. If you really want to stand up to big business, exposing that they lied would make just as great a statement as denying them a zoning permit in your ward. Except that such a bold move that fights for the people would allow you to fulfill your role as politician, and no one wants that, right?


Victory! (sort of) Ald. Moreno releases letter.

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