Ald. Moreno Releases the Full Text of the Chick-Fil-A Letter

As much as I would love to take credit for pushing Ald. Moreno into releasing the letter to the media with my previous blog post, I, unfortunately, cannot do that. He apparently released it in its entirety to the Windy City Times, an LGBT-oriented Chicago newspaper, on Sept. 24.

With that being said, I do find it quite shocking that the publication of a letter that caused so much joy and excitement for civil rights fighters appeared to not get any other media coverage during the five days it has been public. Even the Huffington Post, which has the time to write a story about Chicago summer festival fashion in September, has yet to post anything about this letter and its content.

Content that doesn't necessarily say anything concrete about how Chick-fil-a will officially stop funding organizations that promote anti-gay messages. The letter just states that Chick-fil-a donates to the Winship Foundation for the work it does with underserved youth, and that the company really has no plans of stopping the donations to the organization. In fact, the letter states that donations with political agenda remain at the discretion of the Winship Foundation NOT Chick-fil-a. Yet, the Winship Foundation is the charitable arm of the company.

I think what we liberals experienced upon hearing the news of Chick-fil-a changing its anti-gay stance regarding their donations was the high of believing that, with a little protest and a lot of pressure and anger, bad corporations will change their evil ways. Does this letter now prove that once you are an evil LGBT-hating organization you will always be an evil LGBT-hating organization? And that with a half-promise of change you can continue building restaurants to fund your 'charity' work.


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