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Fundraiser Details Set For Local Ironman Athlete Battling Cancer

As I’ve discussed previously, local athlete Kristin McQueen, 33, has been battling cancer for almost nine years. Her response to the disease – and a range of unusual and debilitating side effects – has been to complete six Ironman competitions and countless marathons, triathlons and other races… raising over $100,000 for the American Cancer Society... Read more »

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Do You Know When To Get Screened?

Did you know that March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month? Oh man, but we’re way too young to be worrying – let alone talking – about our colons. That’s not necessarily the case. I was in college when I had my first colonoscopy. I have never forgotten how outwardly puzzled the nurses were, how... Read more »

Pick Yourself Up: What's In Your Feel-Good File?

Back when I worked at the American Cancer Society, I loved the event planning and fundraising that I did. There was nothing more uplifting than the opportunity to provide a place where thousands of people could gather together with the shared goal of positive change, eliminating cancer and providing education and awareness. As wonderful as... Read more »

How Do You Support A Friend When There Is No Quick Fix?

I had planned to write something funny for today. But the thing is, I’m not feeling particularly funny this week. So my written attempts at humor are kind of a car wreck. The truth is, I’m kind of a pain in the ass to have as a friend recently. And by recently, I mean for... Read more »

For Kristin McQueen: Tell Cancer To Suck It

Here is part two of finding some sunshine in winter. Do good today. Little things make a difference! Kristin McQueen, 32, doesn’t consider herself to be inspirational. She’s a woman who likes to run, and while she’s at it, she might as well raise some money for the American Cancer Society at the same time.... Read more »

Donna's Good Things For Valentine's Day

It’s February – the 14th to be exact. Regardless of what feelings Valentine’s Day itself inspires in you, I know every year in Chicago, by February I am needing a good boost in the arm. I need some happy because it’s cold, and we have a while to go until spring appears. So, this week... Read more »

Is Your Kid The Cutest In North America? Join The Fun And Help A Good Cause

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is an organization of volunteer photographers who provide the gift of free remembrance sessions to families suffering the loss of a baby. The primary fundraiser for NILMDTS is the 2012 Charity Model Search for North America’s Cutest Kid. The event is run by Sandy Puc, co-founder of NILMDTS.... Read more »

Got Starbucks? Help Create Jobs

Starbucks has partnered with the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) in a new project, Create Jobs for USA. Starting November 1, donations can be made on the Create Jobs for USA website or at your local Starbucks. So what is it? The Starbucks Foundation has donated  $5 million seed money to get the program started. From... Read more »

For Anna See, and for Jack: Will You Help Us #LiftMargaret?

I am reprinting a post here from my other blog, It Builds Character, something that I would not normally do. The story below is about Anna See, mom and blogger at An Inch of Gray. Her family is in turmoil and there is little that the world around them can do to “fix” things. But,... Read more »