I May Try A Life Coach, But I Refuse To Become Zen

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In a couple of weeks, I am starting a series of group workshops with…

A life coach.

I have to be honest: I have not historically put a lot of stock into this profession. In my working days, I saw a number of colleagues who, frankly, weren't hacking it, suddenly decide that they should be life coaches.

That makes zero sense to me.

Accordingly, I'm a tad skeptical.

However, there's a woman that I've known for years and whom I admire quite a bit. She's much more intelligent than I could ever hope to be, she's a successful career woman, an awesome mother and she's snarky. I like that combination.

So, when she mentioned that she has been launching into the universe of life coaching, I suspended my desire to eye-roll long enough to investigate it.

The timing is good. Things need to happen this year, and I spend far too much time on the cusp of making a change - but never quite making the leap.

I had no desire to do one-on-one sessions, because I've put more than enough cash over the years into therapists' pockets and besides - I already know where I'm spinning my own wheels.

Instead, I am testing out some group workshops:

•    I like groups. I like the opportunity to talk and collaborate - and that's something lacking in my SAHM universe right now.

•    I enjoy different perspectives. Part of the reason why I'm feeling "stuck" right now is because I keep attempting things in the same ineffective ways. I'd love to hear others' aspirations and how they plan to achieve them.

•    I like learning about others, period. I like people and I'm already talking to myself all day.

So far, I've been told to order a couple Martha Beck books, but I have not been required to wear any crystals or start chanting, even if those books are urging me to "find my own north star."

I'll keep you posted about the progress, and if it's as full of awesome as I hope it will be, I'll pass along my coach's info.

It should be noted, though: No matter how many changes I implement across the board in terms of lifestyle, working, fitness or all around well-being, I refuse to become zen. It's just not my thing. I will always be someone who flails.

I feel better having said that.

Have you worked with a life coach? How was your experience? What other avenues have you utilized to jump start change?


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  • I'll be curious to hear about your experience. I know someone who recently went into this profession, and some of her actions contradict what a life coach should be about, which added to my skepticism.
    I'm not zen either, and am not sure I buy into the whole thing.

  • In reply to kirby:

    I'll definitely document how it goes. If I can survive the pre-reading assignments, I'll be able to go in with "guarded optimism," we'll say.

    It'll be interesting - Our group will be meeting by conference call, so I am curious how the energy and momentum carry through by that means versus in person.

  • I'm sort of lucky, I have two neighbors who are life coaches and they kick me along here and there. But like you, I really need to take the plunge into seriousness to stop the flailing. I'll be glued to your updates.

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    I'm totally skeptical of Life Coaches because I think they fall in line with psychologists - it's the people who need help the most that end up counseling others. This doesn't mean I wouldn't try one. Does yours Skype??
    I love Martha Beck. Have you read any of her stuff yet?

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