For Anna See, and for Jack: Will You Help Us #LiftMargaret?

I am reprinting a post here from my other blog, It Builds Character, something that I would not normally do.

The story below is about Anna See, mom and blogger at An Inch of Gray. Her family is in turmoil and there is little that the world around them can do to "fix" things.

But, there are little things. Please read below about how, with your help, we can bring a smile to Anna's daughter, Margaret, even if for an hour.

If there's one thing I've learned about the ChicagoNow readership, it's that you all are active, engaged, and all over the social media game. So check this out, pass it along, write, tweet and help us #LiftMargaret.


I've been staring at a blank screen for quite a while. It started out blurry with tears after reading through the past month of Anna's posts, and then just empty because, as a mother, I'm lacking words.

Most of us by this age understand loss. But the pain that accompanies outliving your child is one that I cannot fathom.

I learned about Anna of An Inch of Gray from The Empress last month.

Anna is a mother in Virginia who took proud pictures of her daughter, Margaret, and son, Jack, on their first day of school - 5th and 7th grade.

She lost her son that night in her town's flash flooding.

I'm still reeling at that statement, a month later. Her kids went out to play in the rain with neighbors and one didn't come home.

Anna has been writing throughout the month about the funeral service, her memories of Jack, and even the horrible night that he passed away.

There is grief and anguish. There is a hell of a lot of strength and grace. This post is one I've read repeatedly, not only because of how raw it is, but the beauty of the connection, trust and ability to believe.

Anna's daughter, Margaret, made a grocery list recently. Among the items she'd like? Her brother and a Justin Bieber concert.

Jack, we sadly cannot provide. But we are a savvy social media crew and can we bombard Justin Bieber? Oh, yes. That, we can do.

I'm asking all of you to join the #LiftMargaret movement - and a special thank you to Kristin at What She Said for making me aware of this awesome plan. (See Anna's post about this as well.)

What to do?

Here are the people to follow on Twitter, per Anna's sister:

@JBLiftMargaret (our semi-official, Go Margaret identity)
@justinbieber (the real person!)
@scooterbraun (his manager)
@studiomama (his mom)
@bieberarmy (huge fan club)
@theellenshow (Ellen does lots of fun things like this to help people)
@tumblegrom (family friend)
@tumblegrommom (the brains behind this operation)

Then, tweet away! Need inspiration? Here are some examples that I've seen on the thread:

@grnseed: @TheEllenShow @todayshow not giving up till @justinbieber does a meet & greet to #liftmargaret & turn her mourning into dancing! U can help!

@tumblegrom: Pleading w/ every1 to tweet/retweet for @JBLiftMargaret lost her bro in a flood & just wants 2 meet @justinbieber #liftmargaret @todayshow

@JenAnnHall: Hey @theellenshow can you help put a smile back on a 10yo’s face after the tragic loss of her brother. @JBLiftMargaret

@SaidKristin: Please help utilize the power of social media by spreading the #LiftMargaret message: @JBLiftMargaret

@clareberrys: @justinbieber I hope u will turn #mourningintodancing and #LiftMargaret either on @TheEllenShow 11/1 or on @todayshow 11/23 @JBLiftMargaret

You can also write on Justin Bieber's Facebook wall and "like" the Help Margaret Meet Justin Bieber Facebook page as well.

Lastly, visit Anna's blog. Read, smile, cry and love Jack with her.

Do you have five minutes? It is worth it. And while you're at it, give your kids an extra hug.

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