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Does Joe Biden Botox?

No matter what side of the political fence you are on, many people observing the VP presidential debate were asking why does Joe Biden’s forehead move like that.

Joe Biden’s forehead is hyperactive. When he speaks, he is forehead, when not botoxed (a real word in the 21st century) moves-- a lot. The result of this excess movement in the Vice President’s case is likely due to a strong frontalis muscle. This muscle is the one that creates horizontal lines across the forehead.

While facial movement and expression is a good thing, too much can be somewhat distracting. When Joe Biden’s forehead is botoxed, it appears that only a portion near his brow moves This can create an odd unnatural expression known as the Botox brow. In Joe Biden’s case, the reason the Botox injector did not inject directly above the brow is that is may lower the brow (the frontalis muscle helps lift the brow) creating a heavier eye appearance. While it seems that Botox is becoming more and more accessible, there is still a highly technical component that must be tailored to each individual’s facial anatomy.

So what is Joe Biden to do? Political figures deliver messages and want attention on their talking points not their facial peculiarities. This is especially true, in the era of HDTV, and 24/7 news where every pore and expression is magnified. In addition, Botox is much more commonly accepted with many public figures acknowledging their use of it. I do think Joe Biden benefits from Botox and would do so more if it was done in a more natural way. Botox can be placed above the brow, but you need a very skilled injector. Botox placed to decrease movement but still preserve expressions would be the ideal method for Joe Biden.

Ultimately, whether or not Joe Biden uses Botox (he most likely has) or does not should not have any influence on any one’s opinion on politics or voting.

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